What was Salman Khan’s special ride in Delhi?

Salman didn’t travel by his luxury cars while he was shooting for Kick in Delhi

Salman Khan is often spotted on Mumbai roads cycling with his entourage and it seems that Delhi was no different. While the Dabangg Khan was shooting in old Delhi for his upcoming film, Kick, opposite Jacqueline Fernandez, he often used to explore the charm and beauty of the city on his bicycle.

In fact even in the film ​,​ Sallu miyaan has many stunts which he is seen performing on the cycle. There are long chase sequences on the cycle shot in the capital.

So wouldn’t people recognize him on the streets? No they wouldn’t! Coz he used to ride with his helmet and protective eye gear on, thus, making it difficult for people to recognize him. The Jai Ho actor enjoys his time by himself, sans security and other people , we hear.

The spokesperson confirmed this and added that, “Salman would often take o ​f​f for bike rides post pack up at night. He, in point of fact, preferred the bicycle over his usual mode of commute to ​the ​sets as ​ ​well.”