What will Manisha Koirala’s comeback film be?

The actor went missing from the Bollywood circuit after her marriage; then she had illness to fight. Now there’s good news for Manisha’s fans…

Manisha Koirala has plans to come back to Bollywood. She has announced that she will start work on a film this November. While we don’t exactly know what the film is about or who will be Manisha’s co-star, her manager Subroto Ghosh confirmed that the actress is hale and hearty and will resume work soon. “Yes, there were a lot of offers coming her way, but she will start her work only after November.”

The 42-year-old Manisha looks radiant these days, back in action after a successful fight with ovarian cancer. The actor, who was once a committed party girl, has embarked on a new journey as part of her stay fit and healthy resolve – she has flown in a special yoga guru from Nepal to help her with her state of body and mind. Her manager explained, “She is physically fit and now she wants to be mentally fit too, before starting any project.”

We certainly are looking forward to Manisha’s comeback film and what we really want to know is, who would you like to see as Mana’s co-star? Anil Kapoor from 1942? Shahrukh Khan from Dil Se? Or would you prefer the Nana Patekar-Manisha pairing from Agni Sakshi? Tell us!