What will Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif do in their free time?

What will Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif do in their free time?
Yogen Shah

We hear Bang Bang’s shooting schedule has been postponed which means Ms Kaif is free for time being just like her alleged beau Ranbir. So is this duo planning to go on another vacation? Read on to know

Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor have been spending lot of time together off late. Well, the shooting schedule of Bang Bang which stars Hrithik Roshan and the Dhoom:3 babe in the lead has been pushed ahead by 10 days. The Jab Tak Hain Jaan gal was supposed to shoot in Abu Dhabi from April 20, but the actor will now shoot in the first week of May as Jr Roshan will be back from US by then. Coz of this very reason Kat is very much available for her loved ones and has loads of free time in her hand. As expected, the starlet is making most out of this opportunity by being with her boyfriend. Apparently, the two were spotted at the special screening of Kangana Ranaut’s latest film Revolver Rani. A little birdie tells us that the couple arrived in the same car but KK made sure not to get clicked with Ranboo. Accompanying them was their good friend-cum-filmmaker Ayan Mukerji. Three to tango, eh?

Since RK and his ladylove are have all the time in world to be with each other, we won’t be surprised if they zoom off to a nearby gateway for a small holiday. After all, both Ranbir and Katrina like to stay away from the limelight when they are together, hai na?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • EE

    Why this Ayan is always tagging along like a third wheel , from Barcelona to New York, he is with them wherever they go . Kabaab mein haddi

    • Rohini

      Well the other only Ayan and Ranbir were at Kangana’s new movie Revolver Rani screening!! Katrina was never there, that shows Ranbir broke up with her for good!!!!!!

  • ganga

    Kitni pyaar jodi hai . Kisiki nazar na lage.

    • Rohini

      They broke up!

      • Lily

        How could u be so sure of what u don’t know? I know dey are still together by God’s grace. God will keep happy alwaz.

        • Rohini

          They are not together. They broke up 4 months ago.

  • najatlovekiss

    Let them be, they are happy, and we the fans are also happy for them,

    • Rohini

      They are not together! I’m not trying to offend anyone here

      • najatlovekiss

        so what, get a life

        • Rohini

          I deserve him. My heart says so.
          Let me meet Ranbir and marry him

          • najatlovekiss

            sorry i dont no him, go try your luck

  • Tina

    maybe he’s the one who’s doing Ranbir!!

  • Sudipta Dolly

    am very happy that kat n ran r happy vit dr life
    i wish wow humesha ek sath haste kilkilate rahe aur marte dam tak apna jodi baney rake
    i love u kat n ran