What will Ranbir Kapoor wear in Ayan Mukerji’s superhero flick?

Ranbir Kapoor in a superhero flick

We heard that the actor will be seen in friend Ayan’s next project, rumoured to be playing a superhero, so we had to wonder what avatar we would see him in – underwear over pants won’t suit him… no?

Let’s just accept it – Ranbir Kapoor doesn’t exactly support the lean, mean and muscular image of a typical superhero. So when we heard about RK playing a ‘flying with his cape’ kinda dude, we started giggling. We could clearly visualise him toppling over and falling flat on his face and resorting to goofy antics instead of heroic tasks. And our chortles and chuckles take an oath to get unstoppable when we imagine the Kapoor kid in a body-hugging suit. We still don’t know what Mukerji has in mind – to cash in on RK’s amazing onscreen comic timing and make him a funny superhero or to prove that even Ranboo has it in him to pull off a Clark Kent or Peter Parker aka Spiderman. We don’t think, frankly speaking, that the Barfi! dude will fill that rubberised Batman suit quite so…err…nicely, and while he does kinda look like the stretchy Reed Richards aka Mr Fantastic, he has none of Thing or the Hulk about him. But whatever actually happens, we thought up some costume options that Ranbir and the Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani director must pay serious heed to…

In the Will Smith starrer Hancock, the beefy hunk was comfortably lounging around in his three-fourth pants and casual T-shirt in the first half of the film. He was just being himself and so can the Kapoor kid in his baggy pants and regular tees, saving the world with an air of effortlessness…

Kapoor Jr can always ditch the conventional superhero style and opt for teeny-weeny kachchas, creating a unique signature statement. He has already done that in Wake up Sid. In the new film he can give this style a bit more impetus – and why not! It suits him, after all!

RK can also take serious inspiration from the recently released film Man of Steel. Instead of investing in criminally expensive costumes (like Shahrukh Khan did for Ra.One), he can instead have red eyes that emanate laser light – just like Henry Cavill’s. That would lend a sexy wickedness to RK’s personality…Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • gnp

    ranbir looks funny in it!
    I hope that, they make fun out of these super characters and make some kind of comedy movie!