What will Shahrukh Khan’s don avatar in Raees be like?

What will Shahrukh Khan’s don avatar in Raees be like?

King Khan is all set to play the don in Dholakia’s next. And here’s some goss about his look

Sometimes we get to see Shahrukh Khan with a new blonde streak or overgrown hair. The Chennai Express actor is also seen in sleek hair and sometimes messy tresses. This actor is ever ready to experiment with his looks for his films. King Khan is all set to a don again in Raees. Having played a don already, the filmmakers want a new customised look for SRK in Raees. Reportedly, Shahrukh plays a Gujarati don in the film. We hear that Rahul Dholakia is in talks with some Hollywood make-up artistes to create SRK’s new look. The makers are working on presenting Shahrukh with some test looks and SRK is quite excited.

We hear that the make-up artistes will not only try new hair styles but also experiment with eyebrows, beards and scars. The source adds that scars will be retained only if it works for Shahrukh’s character. The final team of make-up artistes will be finalised soon and are expected to arrive in India in a few months. All this said, Shahrukh will have a final say in the look for Raees and whatever look he approves of, will be the final one.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Bollywoodfan

    shahrukh did a poor imitation of AB in the movie Don. I remember having a headache whole day after watching that movie Don which had shahrukh playing the lead role…thank god i didn’t watch Don 2… the original Don with AB was very different and AB’s acting was simply awesome…shahrukh is absolutely no match to AB… i hope this particular movie is not a remake and is original in terms of script….

    • khsadadbinsajed

      though don was boring,don 2 was great.srk’s acting,fighting was extra ordinary.film quality and technology was not less better than hollywood…you should have watch it

    • restate

      U better watch don 2 b4 writing all that stuff.
      With don 2 srk has redefined the performances of don frenchise

  • Saleh Meraji

    the best king of bollywood

  • Farhat Hafeez

    ShahRukh presented a very good performance in the moive named DON. He acted in new century for new generation ,he is absolutely no match with AB I hope he will continue entertaining in Don 3 and Don 4 and so and so because it is that Job that can only be done by king of the indian cinema

    • Kewwwwwwwwwwwwwllllllll

      Calm down, Mr. Ignorance promoting him like there’s no tomorrow….He as the King of indian cinema that will be in ur dreams!!!! Lolz….My apologies for being blunt, but there’s no such thing as kings and queens in bollywood, it is the janta janardan that decides the fate of the movie. He has lost his popularity becoz of constantly getting involved into various controversies since last 2 years. While the surrogate baby idea(coming no where out of the blue) seemed as one way ticket out of all the controversies surrounding him including the controversy that had something to do with his Junglee Billiiiiii!!! :D .. If u r simply not aware, then i guess u r being ignorant. If u refuse to believe then u must be blindfolded..surely u can go on glorifying him if it makes u happy, but u “just” can’t deny facts!!!

      • Farhat Hafeez

        What concern we have with the personal life of an actor.how much selfish those who use to see movies of srk and entertain themselves..it is the janta who called him king of Bollywood.we are stateforward and speak truth and neither blindfolded nor narrow minded like you…from Dr. farhat and her niece Dr. javeria,

        • Kewwwwwwwwwwwwwlll

          I see, it gives u great pleasure in opposing people’s opinions..u just don’t know where to draw a line, which eventually ends up being debate.. if i am getting this correctly, then u may even deliberately do it…who are this “we” here??..speak for urself u duffer and don’t speak as representative of entire indian population…alright??

  • Shatta Abdulla

    Shah rukh khan is the best