What will you watch this Diwali: Shahrukh Khan’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan or Ajay Devgn’s Son Of Sardaar?

Sat, September 22, 2012 9:00am IST by
What will you watch this Diwali: Shahrukh Khan’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan or Ajay Devgn’s Son Of Sardaar?

On November 13 two superstars will clash at the BO. Which film are you rooting for?

Diwali is considered to be a great time to release films, but trade pundits don’t recommend that two big-budget movies open in theatres on the same day. Throwing caution to the winds, the makers of Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Son Of Sardaar have decided to battle it out at the BO on November 13. The trailer of Shahrukh Khan’s romantic musical has just been released and is already trending worldwide on Twitter. JTHJ is Yash Chopra’s directorial comeback after eight years or so and he has AR Rahman and Gulzar on his side.

Son Of Sardaar, on the other hand, is a fully masala entertainer starring Ajay Devgn, Sanjay Dutt, Sonakshi Sinha and Juhi Chawla. Though it has been directed by Ashwani Dhir, SOS looks like a typical Rohit Shetty film. If the trailer is anything to go by, this one could present a good fight to Chopra’s romance.

EK Tha Tiger was sold to exhibitors on the condition that they would also give equal screens to the SRK film. That will leave SOS with very few screens and odd show timings. News is that Ajay Devgn is trying to flex his muscles with the powers that be to get his film a proper release. Watch this space for more developments about this clash.

Meanwhile, which film will you choose to watch this Diwali; JTHJ or SOS?

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  • wasim akram

    plz dont compare btwn king and queen

    • rohit

      Ajay star hai srk dig dog hai

      • usamaqazi

        ajay aur star hahahahahahahaha

        • rohit

          Par srk dog to hai

          • annonymous

            Par Rohit lill dog to hay ………….

      • annonymous

        Rohit is tall dick’s dog ha ha ha

  • sudhir

    SINGHAM AJAY will create gadar history, so wait n watch srgay tu to gaya…..!

    • Kuldeep

      Than why is Ajay loosing in this pole

  • narasimha

    Ajay aur superstar what a joke

    • ankit


    • usama qazi

      hahahaha waqae yr ajay aur super star

  • patel

    Ajay….Ajay…..n only Ajay nothing else….
    Kaun Sher hai aur kaun Billi….Batana jaroori nahi hai…

  • M.Usman Aziz

    King will rock………………..

  • M.Usman Aziz

    King will rock………………..

    • rohit

      King will dog

      • annonymous

        Rohit lill dog (^_-)

  • sanket

    jab tak hai jaan flop hai !!!!!

  • M.Usman Aziz

    Love U King…………….U will rock always……………

  • rohit

    Ajay.rokstar srk b ghrt star

  • Sujit Kumar

    movie release honein se pehle bahut popularity ho jaati hai SRK hakle ki movie …..baat mein pata chalta hai ki kitna faltu movie tha …..like Ra.One

    • usama qazi

      yr ma tou zarur jab tak hai jaan dekhoun ga q k srk ki power power hai aj k time may or srk se sallu bhi takar nahi la sakta

  • Sujit Kumar

    movie release honein se pehle bahut popularity ho jaati hai SRK hakle ki movie …..baat mein pata chalta hai ki kitna faltu movie tha …..like Ra.One
    :Son of sardar is best

  • t

    srk is best filam Dewili My Name is khan hi shahrkh khan jthj will very good 300 box office croro mrks inshallha

    • rohit

      Jthj 30 caror ka kaleson karegi

  • rohit

    Sos baap baap ha jthn beta beta ha

    • annonymous

      S.O.S. = Son of Sardar

      So baap, baap ha & beta, beta ha

  • rohit

    Sos baap baap ha jthj beta beta ha

    • annonymous

      S.O.S. = Son of Sardar

      So baap, baap ha & beta, beta ha

  • Rahul

    The war of egos will hurt Ajay really bad!!! Should act wise n release it a week before Diwali..Its not abt SRK but Yashraj se panga sirf Sallu le sakta hai aaj ki date mein!! n not in a song like in SOS

  • umra

    srk best

    • rohit

      Ajay is star rokstar big star

      • Rahul

        But not a Superstar

  • rohit

    stage programme karke sharukh ne sabke man jita hain aur rona dhuna main sharukh sabse aghi hain lekin actor hoke action comedy,drama role karna bahut jaruri hai,,,woh hain ajaya ,,,he is the best…

  • angad

    jab tak hain jaan dude,not only me,infact 97% of the people will watch jthj,ajay fans knw it,u guys knw it,srk fans knw it,sallu fans knw it,but koi accept nhin karna chahata,no probss,just watch wht happens to sos on 13th nov

    • karan

      13 th nov ko jitega JTHJ lekin long run me piche ho jayega JTHJ SOS se………mark my words.

  • sandi

    that Poll was a no-brainer, wasn’t it? lol

  • ranu kumar

    srk me kitna dum hai ye is diwali pata chal jayega ajay ko date aage kar lena chahiye

  • vipen

    Film ki release date Srk yraj bhi aagae kr sakta hai.ye film industry sr khan ki jagir nhi hai.SOS & AJAY SANJAY ROCKZZZ.

  • rahul

    how many superstar in india. If everybody know that then ans is clear (who win diwali at box office)

  • Shekhar

    18% is too much for Ajay Devgan…he should be happy people are even considering him for this diwali….Gannd Maregi SOS ki..

  • bapu

    guys I love ajay devgan but srk is my all time favourite


    S.O.S. = Son of Sardar

    So baap, baap ha & beta, beta ha

    MANY MANY THANKS TO “rohit” IS DOG NE HI TO YEHI FORMULA CREATE KI HAI…….. Jay ho “Rohit” our lill barking DOG….

  • amji

    Ajay will create history
    tezz wali hahahaha haha
    SRK rocks

    • OmgSRk

      or Rascals???

      • karan

        nahi swadesh ,paheli aur billu wali bussiness kar lena SRK .
        aur ra.one jitna paisa kharcha kar krke usse kam kamai karna india me………aur bidesho se bhik maag lena budget ko cover karne ke liye.

  • uwesu abdul

    nothng 2 say guys

  • Kamal sharma

    Sos super response this diwali…because sos is like rohit shetty film&ajay in strog sardar avtar with sanju baba as vilian…salman khan itom song…me& all my fnd this diwali only son of sardar….!!

  • nilesh

    ony srk…..ajay bahot badi galati kar raha hai…

  • rani

    Son Of Sardaar ajay is the best actor
    srk his film boring, tiring

  • Emma

    son of sordaar looks nice but it is safe for Ajay to postpone the release of his movie if he wants it to do well at the box office. it will be sooooo risky to release it with SRK’s movie at the same day.

  • sawera

    Son Of Sardaar
    ajay is 1000 times as best srk

  • vikas

    son of sardaar will be rocking. srk is boringa at all and now a days his films are not going so well like ra one and don 2 the worst movies i have ever seen….

    • daniyal

      oye vikes are u mad ra 1 i know was not a good but ra 1 was faar better than bodyguard and ra 1 is all time blockbuter and r u mad u r saying don 2 was not a good film don2 has broken overseas records and in just relesing in 2800 screen in india pher bhi don 2 ny india mai hi 150 cr kamai thy go watch box office record don 2 was so amazing film.

  • Iza

    which one will i watch? look at the poll result.

  • vinod

    King is Back with a bangggggg…….How could one afford to miss him this diwali…..Well Son of Sardar is a remake of Telugu film Maryada Ramana….SRKKKKKKK the true king of Bollywood…..

  • khabbaab

    all india will watch son of sardaar movie

    • lina

      just in one case if you represent all india

    • ritz

      pura world dekhe ga JAB TAK HAI JAAN

  • khabbaab

    son of sardaar will be cross 200 crores.

  • gyf

    Of coz srk gona rock this diwali..cant u see the trsiler views??? King rulesss!!

  • Alamgir Ali

    Bollywood super star …the kinnnng is back…..up mujha kohi rok nahi shakttttttttttaaaaaaaaa……..SSSSSRRRRKKKK

    • daniyal

      king gaya kb tha srk was king and is kin g and will remain the king.don 2 was a all time blockbuter it was so amazing film.and this film will be amazing too.aur yar hum srk ko ajay se compare kr rhy ho hasna aarha hy mujy srk is the king of romance.ajay kuch bhi nai hy srk k samny

  • khabbaab

    srk film copy hay or music bhi copy hay.srk copy cat hay

    • ishaq ali

      mere dil ki baat kahi is ke hawas salman khan ne gum kar diye hain

    • daniyal

      oye kahbaba srk film is original ajay film is copy of telegu film.srk is best and he is the king of romance

    • Anu

      kis movie ki copy hai ?? and A. R. rehman ne kiska music copy kiya jara batana?

  • khabbaab

    ajay is father of srk in acting.

  • rani

    srk looks like a scarecrow his film are boring

  • aryan

    shahrukh khan movie already created storm,haters now claim copy claims and so on to get it down,just dream,I got bored of your dirty tricks

  • sunny

    srk is best his last film don 2 was so amazing film and was all time block buster.and this film will be amazing too.and r u mad kahan srk aur kahan ajay.srk is the king of bollywood ajay ki tou abhi kuch film chalna shuru hoi hy.we cant compare srk with ajay..jb salman khan srk k samny kuch nai hy tou ajay kia chez hy.2006 mai srk ki film don aur salman ki film janeman relese hoi thi sath jane man flop ho gai thi aur don super hit hoi thi

  • daniyal.

    srk film yr ye bhi koi pochny ki baat hy.jan tak hy jaan dkhnga

  • sam

    srk will rock this diwali….ajay devgn last hit only because of rohit shetty SINGHAM and BOL BACHCHAN…last year RASCAL flop…this year TEZZ FLOP…

  • Sunny

    What a rubbish pole… of-course it’s KING KHAN who’s going to rule yhis Diwali…Ajay is doing a BIG mistake…should postpone release of SOS… Badshah of Bollywood se takkar le na muskil hi nahi…namumkin hai…

  • AR

    The topic is wrong…it is ridiculous to call Ajay Devgan a superstar. Its SRK all the way!!


  • Suri

    actually i want both the films to do well..so if sos gets a solo release it wl be far better than releasing it with jthj…though both the films have their audiences,keeping the business thingies in mind ajay should postpone as he wont get much screen space and rumour is that dabang 2 might postpone…then ajay can have the whole christmas if he wants…and if not jthj i am gonna see jthj!!!!!….

  • lira

    srk will rock

  • BOSS

    movie which will entertain us is the best not the actor.
    wait for nov 14 for WOM then go for the entertaining one.
    if found both r boring then go for “3 idots” again.

    • saleem

      my friends only srk rock

  • basheer

    Sure a block buster movie
    jab tak hai jaan

  • rajat

    ofcourse…jab tak hai jaan..looks lik epic is to come soon….oh tiger!!!lion is on his way…

  • sheetalswaroop

    Bas !!! JabTakHaiJaan (^_^) aur kya … its time to fall in luv
    beautiful ,romantic shaiyri ..just can’t wait , luv u shahrukh

  • Ash

    Sos will destroy the Buddha ki romance. Remember abt ra one 1 year did the promo end of the day people feel the cheated from Buddha king

  • AshHh

    Sos will destroy the Buddha ki romance. Remember abt ra one 1 year did the promo end of the day people feel the cheated from Buddha king

    • ritz

      son of sardar is a re make of telugu film MARYAADA RAMANNA… buddha salman hai re bhadkau…

  • Salman

    Hello the baap of romance is SRK JAB TAK HAI JAAN WILL break more records SOS will be a big flop ajay devgan looks buddha devgan ki budhapa ho gaya hai sos floppppp

  • sadaf

    it is movie of the year king king king king king king king king king king king king king king king king king king king king king king

    • tomyboy

      who’s king n why????u nuthead!!!

      • kk

        Dumbf..k u shud know who is referred as king….waisey even tushar kapoor is in 100 cr club

  • ajaykumaryadav

    sos superblockbuster hakle ki aur uske fanko gand phat rahi hai ha hahahahahaha


    S.O.S. = Son of Sardar

    So baap, baap ha & beta, beta ha


  • sawera

    sosssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss superblockbuster superblockbuster

  • tariq

    of course jthj

  • Tushar


  • Robin

    ye sala admin lagta hai ki srk gay ka fan hai kyoki sos ki voting count nahi ho rahi hai

  • Robin

    ye sala admin lagta hai ki srk gay ka fan hai kyoki sos ki voting count nahi ho rahi hai

    • rohit

      u r right my dost…srk ka rona dhona acting pe pagal huye lok….ajay to woh hai jun taraki bhi acting kar sakta hai..

  • avinash

    Son of sardar

  • annonymous

    Son of Shahrukh

    • arjun

      haa baap jaisa hi dikh raha hai shahrukh khan jab tak hai jaan me kaitreena ka baap…….,anushka ka baap ….dar hai kuch din baad amitabh ka bhi baap dikhne lagega

      • Awais

        Saalay tera b baap hai shahrukh khan

        • arjun

          aur tera dada sharukh khan ………..aur mai tera baap

  • jayprajapati


  • shakir Altaf

    team salman in support 2 ajay dnt worry hez da king of diwali sum mst hav 4gotn blue n all da best clash tab se akshay kumar ka career flop ajay iz a grt actor

  • Deepika

    This diwali no srk, no bakri only AJAY’S SON OF SARDAR ROCKZZZZ….

  • vishal

    i don’t known about other but i want to watch SOS this diwali.
    kyoun ki jo maccho hote hai vo action film dekthe hai aur jo ladikiyon ki tarah hote hai vo ………….

  • Nihaal

    Son of sardaar rule the boxoffice…

  • manpreet

    ajay rocks, shahrukh flop. sos will rule this diwali

  • Aman kumar

    This diwali all my bihari bhai watch son of sardar kyoki diwali ke din comdey action dekhege naki rona dona dekhege jab tak hai jaan bad movie

  • avinash luha

    THE LION KING OF BOLLYWOOD AJAY DEVGN is National award winning Actor for 2 times ,so his Acting and Two horse rideing prove that he is HIMMATWALA . SO IN MY OPINION SON OF SARDAR SHOULD BE WORTH TO WATCH .

  • pathan sharukh khan

    the bollywood king khan pathans ka don is back

    • Ashish

      there is no choice othr than SOS…the TV rights are already sold for SOS in 60 crore…it means this has been superhit before releasing..

  • pathan sharukh khan

    bollywood ka donnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn and kinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
    and badshahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    always SHARUKH KHAN

    • singham

      SRK fan watch JTHJ………ajay’s fan, salman’s,and even akshay and aamir’s fan will see SOS definetely atleast once. then SOS is entertainer as it is remake of south entertainer so others who only watch movies for entertainment definetly watch but no one is sure about SRK’s film script and trailor also not looking promising. and its the time for entertainment not rona dhona……..picture sirf teen chijo par chalti hai entertainment …..2.entertainment…..3.and entertainment aur SOS is an entertaining film.

  • sakap

    now time change i m dame sure that sos wil rock the world wide box office collection. see the talior of sos it really amazing compare to shruk khan film.this time yshraji banner wil cry

  • Ajay patel

    Son of Sardaar’,

  • Juneid

    Watched lots of masala entertainer. Time to get some romance

  • Think Right

    This will be a surprise story in Bollywood History. Son of sardaar will rock and JTHJ will be demolished. JTHJ will be a complete mess for large number of stars. It’ll be a new erra in bollywood. Just wait and see.

  • Andy immortal(singham bhau)

    *(¨`·.·´` *·. ¸.·´ **** `·.¸.·´ `·.·´¨)*
    * `·.¸.·´ ** “Jagada bhayankar
    Shri nara singham
    Nija bhupati
    Bhaya haraka singham
    Sajjana dharaka
    Vipunitha singham
    Durjana durmadha
    Haraka singham
    Nija bhupatii
    Bhaya haraka singham
    Sajjana dharaka
    Vipunitha singham
    Kasta sudhara
    Jaya jaya singham
    Samara niranjana
    Jaya jaya singham”**`·.¸.·´*
    *******(¨`·.·´¨) (¨`·.·´¨)********

  • lucky

    amazing jab tak hai jaan got 79% yo yo …….son of sardar kyuki mai hu bekaar maaf karna yaar mat dekhna flop movie baar baar.lol

  • lahu

    Son of Sardar good movie

  • navin arya

    Are dosto.. Shahrukh khan has worked so many time with yash choptra banner’s but none of his film has crossed 100 crore mark. also Yash raj banners was struggling to get 100 crore but not able to convert any nmovie to 100 crore club.
    Then tabhi ek hawa ka jhoka aaya in the form of Salman Khan with Ek tha Tiger broken all Box office record 32.92 crore 1st day collection, fatsest 100 crore with in 5 days & over all Box office colection approx. 199 crore india & 45 crore over seas net . I think yash should work with salman in near future to break more record . Salman is far far ahead than shahrukh khan….
    Shahrukh all the best for “Jab Tak Hai Jaan”

    • Rania

      It is not about crores for yashchopra ,it is about good cinema and salman can never make a good film

  • safdar ali

    “““son of sardaar”” is a good gooooood movie. ajay devgn my best fav hero in the world

  • was

    it look like srk only not copying south indian films & other all copying

    Salman khan

    Aamir khan

    Akshy kumar
    Rowdy rathor

    Ajay devgan
    son of sardar

    so wasting money on a copy film SOS it is better to go with JTHJ
    SOS is a copy of telugu film
    Maryada ramanna
    and be orginal not copy

    • Muhammad Faraz

      Dear WAS,
      I am agree with you because lot of person taught positive and also give a result Shahrukh kahn all time best and blockbuster because he is a favorite hero me and YRF always.

  • Alvi

    Salman sala thief and copycat and ajay is a copy of salman.
    So JTHJ will be 100 times better than tapori salman”s bodyguard/Dabang/Ek tha tiger.

  • Ram tupare

    Ajay ji aap ki film son of sardar sabse achi film he main todiwali me first day first show dekhuga:) all the best sir

  • Ashish

    there is no choice othr than SOS…the TV rights are already sold for SOS in 60 crore…it means this has been superhit before releasing..

  • Robin

    it has 2 b jab tak hai jaan anyways……….srk last year performance was slow but not fail…ra.one is 3rd all tim highest earning movie and don 2 is in 100 crore club….problem is there is huge huge expectation frm SRK…so it takes time..also the promos have been amazing….t will sure b a block block buster…………

    • Jinal

      That’s true… If Ra.One is considered as flop movie than Except Bodyguard and Readdy, All reaming movie of 2011 are also flop..Beacause Ra.One is 3rd highest earniing movie of 2011…

  • avinash luha

    The Lion King of Bollwood Ajay devgn is only One Acter of bollywood who can Act like “Action”Comedy”Romantic”Intence act”Gangster act”Humble act” . Ajay devgn has got 2National Award for best Acting , But Saharuk khan has not got any national Award so Saharuk is gay . “SON OF SARDAR ” will Win this Diwali. Singham ek panja mareg bakri saharuk ko to wo marjayega. DIWALI pe Action ,Comedy&romance ka Tadka Dekhna hai to SON OF SARDAR film Dekhne Jana Friends.

  • rajendra

    sos all time blockbuster, and ajay lion king of hindi cinema

  • dill_filmlover

    it shud be jthj.. cos its an original story.. dis trend of copyin stories frm other film industries is simply boring…

  • Jinal

    Obviously JAB TAK HE JAAN ……

  • avinash luha

    Good news friends ‘jab tak hai jaan ‘film is a Hollywood remake film Name “MOTERCYCLE DIRIES “and it is a film of 1951 south american remake . So friend love India and Go for” SON OF SARDAR”

    • Khalid

      Really motorcycle diaries was not a romantic movie and the movie which starred is the movie which was based on it,you just need to speak any thing,JTHJ looks like a great movie and public love its trailer except for the racist mad fans of other actors and I am not shahrukh fan atall

      • Khalid

        I meant the movie which starred salman is the one which was based on motorcycle diaries

  • sara

    i don’t want to see old bhuda hes face….of course i want to watch SOS Ajay…..before i love srk but now i hate him because hes idiot fans some they moron they need mental Hospital yuck they hate every fans for what no reason

    • ahlam

      yes for no reason,they come on our trailer to say srgay,ugly and insult shahrukh and his parents ,they insult us ,our families and our idol who we love and respecte you so much ,have you ever seen us insulting hritik roshan or his fans ,no as they respect other fans but enter on Ra One ,Don 2,JTHJ trailer and watch whatch what these people say,and then we must remain silent and burn inside,even a fan of shahrukh asked others on the trailer to spread peace and we agreed and did then some fans of salman and amir came again insulting us ,what the hell we must do .and sorry very difficult to insult shahrukh like so just because of his fans,can not bbelieve that you loved him one day

  • far

    i need to watch now Son Of Sandar come Diwali fast please Ajay Devgn rock

  • surca

    OMG.. hes old and ugly srk this movie is copy for silsilla

    • ahlam

      when you insult shahrukh khan ,this is insult to his fans who find them as a symbol that is why we have to reply to such comments,shahrukh has the best mannered fans in the world,never say any thing bad about shahrukh and his fans,he is the most loved man allover the world but unfortunately indians are jealous of his success and value,fans of all big actors like salman and amir always insult him and with dirty insults too,we feel pity for him as he reads that on his trailer,that is why we have to reply

  • prashant rana

    I like to watch sos only becus ajay is the best. Shahrukh is also good but now he is doing mistake to fight with super singham

  • Rawan

    I will watch jab tak hai jaan because it will be the last yashchopra movie and also got emotional after seeing their interview,I heard that shahrukh took no money for this movie,I want to watch bollyowd again,not some hollyowd action,I really got bored of the indian cinema during the last five years,also loved the trailer so much ,me and all my family and friends ,good luck for ajay though

    • Aaj ka Raja

      SRK Movie will create history. It will smash all previous records and this will be huge hit in the history of indian cinema.

  • darya

    I do not miss the movie Shahrukh Khan.master Shahrukh Khan is the best

  • Naresh Kumar Raina

    Definitely i will watch Son of Sardar & beleive me no Khan can do anything in ths Diwali.
    Every indian must watch Ajay devgn’s SOS.

  • avinash luha

    Hi, i have a Good news JAB TAK HAI JAAN film is a HOLLYWOOD REMAKE Film Name “MOTERCYCLE DAIRIES” is a South American film of 1951. So My Dear Friends LOVE INDIA and Go For “SON OF SARDAR”

    • riham

      To this degree you are very poor,you got mad repeating your comments every where.Fight with honesty,you are very insecure

    • milind rajan

      abhe srk is god of films bollywood,,,,,,srk ki koi movie ab tak copy nahi hai ,,,singhan is telgu copy ,,amir ki gajni copy salman ke sab copy ,,,,,,,sos is bigest copy of maryada ramana,,,,dvd to dvd line to line ,,,,,

    • akm

      I have also a good news SOS is a complete remake of telugu Movie “maryada ramanna” You can see it from Wikipadia too.

  • anil

    I must wait when come date 13 nov and see shahrukhs moovie jab tak hai jaan…..SRK ROCKS THIS TIME

  • ruan

    I’ll watch sos in theatre which is not a boaring movie like jthj.I’ll watch jthj on TV.

  • pradeepsharma

    sos is excellent movie through trailer.ajay devagan is favulous.

  • deepa

    Ajay is best than sharukh khan in acting.ajay rock on

  • Sher khan

    Jab tak hai jaan a blockbuster movie than son of sardar
    jab tak hai jaan is a fresh story and son of sardar is remake of mayada ramana
    i think and it will be best movie:jab tak hai jaan
    ajay must change his date
    ha h ah ha ah ay

  • jab tak hai jaan

    khano me khan shah rukh khan

  • azmatshah

    king king king king king king king kng king king moreeeeeeeeee moreeeeeeeeee better the ajay devgon any time

  • Ajay

    SOS is blockbuster of this diwali.bollyood mai ajay hi kewal ek person jisne apne aap ko kai bar sabit kiya hai.par ajay ki movies ke sath kabhi nyay nahi hota.srk…..unchi dukan fike pakwan.

  • Sunil

    Jab tak hai jaan is blockbuster .

  • Rajshree

    Jab tak hai jaan is undoubtely the best especially with the presence of SRK

  • Logan The Dewesh Upadhyay

    JTHJ will crush SOS , tats fr sure .

  • Shayan

    I’ll watch Jab Tak Hai Jaan. It is Yash Chopra’s last movie. It’s totaly a Diwali TOHFA. Yash Chopra,SRK,Kat,Anushka,A.R.Rahaman,Gulzar Sahab,Aditya Chopra, esa Diwali dhamaka aur kaha milega.. My best wishes for JTHJ. love u SRK.

  • roy

    SRK will rock ………this is Yash jey’s last movie so this is the best.

    • rahul kumar

      This is yash ji last movie so what do you expect film will also good you looser

  • avinash luha

    The Lion King of Bollywood AJAY DEVGN is the great Acter of world . Ajay devgn has won 2 National award but srk has Not get a National award. Ajay devgn can do ACTION ,COMEDY,ROMANCE,INTENCE Act. But srk know only romance . Saharuk khan ko acting chhod dena chahiye aur All world ke BHIKHARI community ka President hona chaiye. Jisme hai dum to faqt BAJIRAO SINGHAM .SON OF SARDAR

    • akm

      For your information SRK has been awareded 8 times for best actor . That no one has done yet.. It is the histry of Bollywood.

  • Arman

    Ajay will rockkkkkkkkkkk

  • avinash

    srk is d best……..this time he will break all records……SRK rocks……he is better then ajay

  • Think Right

    It will crash Salman’s all record. Salman is a beggar to SRK. Salman’s fan are all Bstrd…They have no intelligence.

  • avinash luha

    Hi,friends i have a good news ‘Jab tak hai jaan’ film is a HOLLYWOOD Remake film name “MOTERCYCLE DAIRIES” is a South american film of 1951 and “Challa” song is a COPY of english song” Eagle eye cherry”. The “youtube “does not count the “dislike “of jab tak hai jaan and does not disply of “comments” who oppose ‘Jab tak hai jaan’ . So friend Go for” SON OF SARDAR”

  • ROY

    “U R SUCH A BIG IDIOT-LOSSER”.y r u making people fool.All knows JTHJ is releasing on nov 13…so how can u say that it is a remake of another film without watching JTHJ.

  • Narina

    Ajay and sanju = flop movie…remember ‘Ruscals’??
    Jthj will overshadow sos.

  • Yograj tamu

    First day first show of jthj

  • avinash luha

    Jab tak hai jaan trailor much more similarity with Motercycle dairies and song challa is Copy of Eagle eye cherry it is 10000000%True .

  • Subas

    Jthj will rule diwali

  • jag

    SOS= Blockbuster. Jthj= Flopbuster. Its look like, Ajay Lion vs srk Bakri.

  • ravi jha

    son of sardar ki trailer bahut mast tha aur jab tak hai jaan ke baare me bhi bahut suna hai but me sirf son of sardar ajay devgon ko vote dunga ki unko oscar mile …….

    • saurav

      I must watch son of sardar.son of sardar rock’s this diwali.

  • ahmed


  • Farooq ahmad khan

    It is the reality that srk fans are not living in interior india from where the majority of collection came . On these centers the salman akshay and ajay are way ahead of srk you can look at collection of ek tha tiger rowdy ratore or bol bachan

  • Mohammad Firoz

    This Diwali definetly SRK will rocks. I also likes Ajay but not at SRK cost.
    A suggestions Ajay for you to reconsidor on the releasing date of SOS

  • asd

    JTHJ is trash, bt srk has more fans than ajay so i would’ve advised him to change the dates, coz eventho SOS looks like more of festival movie for the fam, bt srk fans are on mission to help him beat salman khan’s box office. yep thats right lol only srk fans are that dump to waste their money on his trash.

  • khali

    i will be watching son of sardaar with my family. allow watching with your family an old man romancing his children ewwww, shahrukh khan please step down from romantic films you are too ugly and look like pedophile, nasty nasty man.

  • MunEEb khAn

    Srk vill rOck tHis dEwali as usUal……. An adivice for ajay davegon not to reaLisE ur home productio SOS wiTh JTHJ ……..ya 1 more thIng DON ka DusHmAn ki sAb sa badi galti ya ha ki woo don ka dushman haa..

    • saurav

      yar tum logo ne majnu ko don bana dia hai…..srk to ek dum chirkut don lagta hai…..agar don me ajay devgn hota to movie
      1000 time better hoti,,,,,,,don ke role me srk ajay ko chhu v nahi sakta,,,,,,for ajay company,once up on a time in mumbai his acting was superb,,,,srk se bada chirkut don duniya me nahi hoga…..

      • sri laxmi

        sharukh is sweetheart

  • MuneEb KhAn

    don’t AngurY srk the dOn Srk vill rOck tHis dEwali as usUal……. An adivice for ajay davegon not to reaLisE ur home productio SOS wiTh JTHJ ……..ya 1 more thIng DON ka DusHmAn ki sAb sa badi galti ya ha ki woo don ka dushman haa..

  • MuneEb khAn

    As srk has more fans than AD …. And srk always rules diwali … An
    adivice for ajay davegon not to
    reaLisE ur home productio SOS wiTh
    JTHJ ……..ya 1 more thIng DON ka
    DusHmAn ki sAb sa badi galti ya ha
    ki woo don ka dushman haa..

    MunEEb khAn … gREaT fAn oF SRK..

    • saurav

      sultan mirza ka nam hi kaphi hai samne wale ki jamanat gapt ho gayagi,,,,,,,,,,apne us chirkut don ko bata dena………

    • sanjay

      hhhhh…srk to gaya

  • saurav

    Ajay devgn is far better than shahrukh and I am huse fan of ajay, I wish son of sardar earn 150crore this diwali, and i suggest to fans of ajay to must watch this movie in theators, and according to trailor sos is also looking 1000time better than jtjh.thins diwali ajay rock…………………..

  • saurav


  • yashjainwewe

    srk will rock this diwali coz baap baap(srk) hota hai aur beta beta(ajay) hota hai…….

  • Franco

    Friends Srk Sab Actors ka Baap hai….he will Rock this diwali….Jab tak hai jaan….So Devgan Fans just shutup u all…Will see This Diwali..

  • Harsh

    Only Ajay Devgan will WIN he is only real Son Of Sardar….SOS will be the BIG blockbuster this Diwali with great smiles on all people faces.

  • amit

    acting ke mamale me to ajay devgan hai, sahrukh ka baap san of sardar best movie rahegi

  • yuvraj singh

    i think jthj gonna be rock on box office because this time audiance want some fresh hardcore romance in srk style

    and i will watch this movie more than 5times

    • Shamim khan

      No way………

    • salman

      but guys box office king is on SALMAN KHAN

  • suresh

    Son of sardar will win the race obviously. Ajay Devgan is far better than shahrukh khan in acting.

  • rahul kumar

    my name is hhhhhhhhh kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk lllllllllllllllll aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hkla – sharukh khan dialog line from his upcoming movie.

  • Satyam

    S.o.s. Is very good and ajay is best actor in bolly.

    • veer

      i m waiting for jab tak jaan

  • queen

    srk king a hi choice, ajay is a pakao, no sence,

  • gandhigiri

    dnt fight guys, just c votings

  • Arya tiwari pursayen

    Son of sardar ek full masti movie hogi must watch trailer mast hai ajay ki acting ka dum movie mai dikhega hi aur sath me gaane acche hai ie.rani tu mai raja sos is mast so wait it…….ALL THE BEST AJAY DEVGAN

  • Rajesh


    • Ajay

      Sure…….i Dont think JAB Tak Hai Jaan would be a big hit…..SOS Would be bigger hit

      • Salman

        Jab tak hai jaan will be world wide All Time Blockbuster. SOS will be a big floppp. Srk kat rockss

      • Ananya

        idont no body can bit him in world wide becose he is king bolliwood even Amit ji also cant bate him he only one actor in bolliwood who knows everybody in world wide . who knows Amir, Salman, Ajay etc…….

      • Omid

        Dont you think SOS is a remake and an out dated masala film. Dont you think that art is missig from hini films nowadays? To me as a non Indian resident i would say that neither Ajay nor his fellows (Akshay, Salman) ever tasted any filmfare awards as the lead actor and they are all here for money and fail to represent art in their movies. I dont say shahrukh is perfect but in the past he did some art work which has already been appreciated and brought him honor and awards. Myself dont like to see his films but his art makes me watch him beside the fact that i hate him personally.

  • lalit

    Ajay devgan playing game by the advice of salman.i was fan of ajay devgan but now I think he is cheap person

    • sumit

      Not cheap its just a movie……..even ajay devgan and sunjay did cameo role in salman movie. and even shahruk did in many movie so what….

  • Shweta

    son of suwar..
    floppest item song wt salman..
    huhh… Rajuchacha aap ghar pe baitho..

  • Satyam tiwari aj

    In every movies of ajay you find a super acting if u want full enjoy on diwali then go to watch son of sardar nice songs in movie

    • Naik Tariq

      King iz back wow stylish. Frndz enjoy Diwali Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Wd King Khan.

      • sumit

        Ajay rock ……..will watch ajay son of sardar

  • Naik Tariq

    Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

    • saeeda hamidi


  • rabi

    son of sardar getz rocks and thumps down for jab tak hai jaan.romance ki umar gayi srk


      sahi baat hain bhai

    • raaj aaryan

      he hello .. listen Romance ki koi umar nahi hoti. and srk is always best, whole bollywood jeolus of him…… umar to tere romance ki gaya hogi… matlab aata hai romance ka or kya ye bhul gaya umar ke sath @ rabi

  • tulsi

    jab tak hai jaan 500 cr 4 sure

  • Arya

    Ajay u r great s.os. Will rocks on diwali and i am waiting your movie himmatwala

  • Filmygod

    ajay is a cheap actor coz the story of his films are bakwas and faltu.only fool,empty headed,illiterate and zero iq brained people may love enjoying his films .he is nothing against srk.so ajay fans don’t waste money watching sos.it is better you stay at home Or you can watch jthj to enjoy anyway.jthj looking great!

  • W

    king khan nahi king kand he.

  • parveez pasha

    Jab tak hai jaan will rock on boxoffice …

  • ram rai

    jab tak hai jaan will surely rocssssssssssssss

  • ram rai

    ajay achcha actor hai,lekin ajay dubnewale hai salman k bajase,,,,,,,,,,,,,ajay ne son of sardar ko date change karna hai achcha hai,,,,,,,,,,,,,jab tak hai jaan surely beat son of sardar,,,,,,,,king khan is the best

  • younu

    ths diwali only jthj………


    hi srk i am waiting jthj
    u real master blaster king of bollywood
    love u srl

  • dhruv

    there is not even comparision with ajay because this diwali dedicates to king of romance & not required any pol. because clear winner is SRK

    • sandeep kumar

      Sab ko dhruv samjha h kya jo hmesa chamjta rhe srk k din gujar gye or haan usse kahna ki ipl pr dhyaan de fimo ki chhod de vrna vo b haath se nikl jayegi ok

  • sandeep kumar

    Srk srk srk srk srk now i told that what srk means satthiya raha king pagal h ajay ajay h yaar jthj ki date badl le bahana bhi h ki yash(king of romance) gujar gye ab tu apna romance bhi delay kr de samajh le varna barbaad ho jayega

  • saurav

    SON OF SARDAR ROCKS THIS DIWALI………………..IT’S A AMAZING FUNNY MOVIE. and I love this movie…….only sos rock this diwali……………

  • Shivanshu

    Son of Sardar
    SRK ki to band bajji

  • shivanshu


    • rahul garg

      okk… we will compare the boxoffice collection of jab tak hai jaan and talaash…. SRK was king of bollywoog…SRK is king of bollywood…he will…

    • janu

      Amer always king

  • sajjad

    are yar ajay ka kaya muqabla hai srk se,ajay ne bohat badi ghlti ki hai same date rakh k,srk is king of bollywood,and ofcourse srk and kat will roksssssss with (jthj)

  • sofi

    ofcozzzzz jab tak hai jaan, srk rockzzz

  • Aj (pursayen) sat.

    hum dil de chuke sanam dilwale,jaan gangajal singham are great movies NOW SON OF SARDAAR WILL do a thing then people will be remember this diwali ONCE UPON A TIME IN INDIA ON DIWALI (AJAY IS GREAT)

  • Aditya

    I don’t really get this suicide move by bollywood .
    Maybe Ajay’s ego is too big .

    Tezz flopped big time because it released with The Avengers

  • Nisha

    Rock on Ajay Devgn. Even if thousands flock to see Jab Tak Hain Jaan, you will still remain one of the most amazing actors of the Indian Film Industry. Stars toh bhohot sare aye or gaye but actors so brilliant in their craft are very few. Lets see who can stand up to Zakham, Bhagat Singh, Omkara, Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, or Singham. Two national awards to prove that you are here to stay.

  • dolly

    Of course JAB TAK HAI JAAN Will be a super duper hit.

    • SrkKaBaap

      Why not……….Its @iamgayrk back on screen……….And he is with none other than Queen of NonExpressions Katrina …….

      thankfully both are accompanied by 230000V smile dene wali ever jolly Anushka who can lighten the theater anytime….only she can save this crap movie and Budha Srk’s career

  • akram

    son of sardar super hit

  • lucky

    bast movi

  • Mia

    There’s no comparison here…I don’t know what’s the hype about… Of course JTHJ will rock

  • Bikram Sadhak

    Ofcourse jab tak hai jaan will be the best….
    SRK is a king… and king always rules not any servents
    correct SRK’s fans…

    • ajay fan

      equation of jab tak hai jaan….
      age of (gay khan)=age of (katrina kaif)+age of (anushka sharma)

  • saurav

    This diwali only SON OF SARDAR be blockbuster. son of sardar is much intertaining than jthj………Ajay rock this diwali…..

  • Vicky

    Bal bara Ajay is the best………Atha majhi satkel.SRK chude geche bara.

  • mandeep

    ajay devgan ek superstar hai baki sab hero uske samne pani kam chaye hain dipawali par son of sardar 250 crore ka business karegi ajay ia the rock.
    ajay ki ab to body bhi sexi ho gai ha

    • suresh chapekar

      bawajika ghanta

    • zafar sheikh

      ye apki ghalt fehmi hai mR

  • yousuf

    jab tak hai jaan will be a blockbuster nd son of sardar wil bhe a flop 2 taka ka actor hai

    • vijay

      shut up yusuf…….sos rocks…….ajay devgan is the best actor in the industry right now

    • vijay

      shut up yusuf…SOS rocks…ajay devgn is the no 1 star in the industry right now…

  • zafar sheikh

    i am biggest fan of sharukh khan aur mjhe umed he nahin balke yakeen hai k sharukh ki movie super hit hogi Q k tamil mvie k copy dekh dekh kr thak gaye hain kuch new chahye yr aur sharukh bilkul new stor k 7 arha hai wish u all tha best sharukh…………….

    • Jai

      Yes and people are also tired of watchind romantic movies with two girls and 1 guy so both in that case are equal

  • Parwana

    The top hero is AJAY DEVGAN What is shahro khan and what is salman that all is nathing you now…

  • sona

    son of sardar……..

  • Dhiraj

    Im salman khan fan….not a sharukh…sharukh is a bakwas actor…ill go to ajay devgan film because ajay and sallu best friends….

  • sunil

    ajay phadega sb ki gand this diwali chudegi srk yash gya ab bari srk ki yash ko dil ka dora aaya th

    a ye jaankr ajay uski gand marega srk samghao yr

  • nitin lalia

    Sos rockssss!!
    Srk too gya.

  • kashif

    Son of Sardar will rock …Ajay is best actor in this bollywood nobody will compare

  • mr.dangereous

    JAB TAK HAIN JAAN will rocksssss

    SRK is the best

    • TeraBaap

      SRK is nowhere near his best…….make up karke romance karta hai….khud ki hin purani filmon ke dialogues baar baar use karta hai…….he has stopped developing as an actor long back since RABNE

  • dhiraj

    sos is best….

    jthj n dekhein toh better rahega its a wrost movie

    • Haseeb

      oh dhiraj ji aap bade filmi duniya ke suprident h, agar srk rock na karde is diwali to kehna ke kaun sahi hai..bus 6 din ki baat h…



    • Dard-e-Disco

      Katrina ke wajah se hin film thodi bahut chalegi……..Baaki bhagwan maalik is film ka



    • Ramesh

      Gay Khan ke support mein gay fans hin aayenge…….People who like candy floss,makeup like beauty dolls will obviously like 50 year oldie SRK DOLL………….

      Be a man….shhow guts and watch SOS for it contains an actor not a showpiece

      • jag

        @ramesh ,you are right yaar.

      • Ayush

        Absolutly correct





    • aisha

      s r k is best………….

  • Salman

    I think SRK should step down to make room for others. He is too “the same”

  • parwez

    jab tak hai jaan se Salman ki gand fat ti hai king khan is great

  • lucky

    Ajay will Rock this Diwali.

  • Sohail

    Kajol ko maloom hai kaun jeetega ajay to baad me aaya pehle srk ne dabaya

    • sajid

      bat mein dum hai,ise liy kaheti,, jati ho mein,,4 karan arjun

      • gaurav

        house full jthj yash chopra is great director i love 2 watch this movie

  • Mohit Sharma

    Diwali bekar,bina son of sardar.
    This movie will go super hit on this diwali.
    Sahruk(hakla khan) is flop actor of bolywod.

  • jag

    SOS must watch movie. Because srk is the 6kkaa king of bollywood. Firse wahi high promotion, hype, bakwas film, monkey like acting and 6kka srk is equal to disaster like bra one. Only srk,s ullu and gadhe fans watch jthj and waste money.

  • jag

    SOS must watch movie. Because srk is the 6kkaa king of bollywood. Firse wahi high promotion, hype, bakwas film, monkey like acting only srk ullu and gadhe fans watch jthj and waste money.

  • jag

    @nisha, you are great.

  • Linda

    All srk haters,don’t waste ur breath SHahrukh khan. Rules ova d box office dis diwalo,so stop being a demented hater & face d truth,srk is d don,thunder,lion,blockbuster khan,mega superstar,best actor,King & head of bollywood weda u lik it or not,srk,his family,team & fans will hav d last laugh at d boxoffice dis diwali so sorrryyyyy hahahahahah

    • jag

      And also srk is king of gay’s,6kaa………..ha ha ha ha ha

  • akil khan

    srk is best dont wary srk you are o great yuo won

  • Utpal Mondal

    Jab tak jan ha is a super hit flime


    supper dupper hit movie

  • Ajay

    ye divali bekar bina sun of sardar super duper hits moves
    jthj is flop so
    slow and dull movie

  • Aajiz..Ali..

    Dn0.. Filmein.. Hit.. Hein.. Magr.. Main.. V0tE.. SHAHRUKH.. Khan.. Ki.. M0VIE.. K0.. D0nGA..

  • Riya

    Jab tak hai jaan is a great love story srk is not only the king of bollywood hes the king of the whole world! Some people dont appreciate because they are used to salEWS violence hes a guy with no heart while shahrukh is an angel spreading love through his movies love u srk now an forever u will get awards for this movie because u deserve it truely

  • surajkumar

    son of sardaar is best film and sanju and ajay is best actor..

  • megha

    SRK u not only are the king of bolywood….KING KHAN also u truely are the king of romance….u have superceeded evry other actor in romance…I loved JTHJ…amazing superb outstanding suave handsome dashing breathtaking u loook in this movie in SAMAR anand’s major’s uniform…luvedddddddd JTHJ

  • megha

    Also needless to say yash chopra is a brilliant director…pleasantly surprised us after 8 years with this movie+magical music of AR rahman…5 day collection of JTHJ is 75 cr whereas SOS collected 62 cr…Ajay should have released his movie later on… that wud hv definitly benifitted him. JTHJ rulessssssssssssssss over SOS hands down. Also Ajay showed a vry selfish and indifferent attitude towards a renowned dead legend.
    Clearly as a result of which despite of having a gud starcast movie is way behind JTHJ…

  • HARI

    Jab tak hai jaan “super hit movie”" this movie really proved it once, srk is a king of romance and badshah of bollywood

  • jag

    I am shocked by reading divya marathi article( Dainik bhaskar group) on 18 nov 2012. How yrf and srk takes huge no.of sreens by bad way1) yrf and srk book theaters for jthj when ek tha tiger going to release , they forces exhibuters for give sreens space for jthj by using name of ek tha tiger. 2) then, due to very less no.of screens available for sos , Ajay claim on yrf for justice but his claim should be rejected 3) then, some exibutors are makes a step ahead for help ajay by giving some screen space. after all these things ajay got 12000 theaters across india from these about 6000 theatres are from south india where hindi films not done goo buisiness due to local releases . Depesi all these negative things sos done extraordinary buisiness. I proud on Ajay. Otherhand yrf and srk shame on you gay ,go to hell. This shows yashji not a legendary man.

  • saiffali khan

    biggest hit jab tak hai jaan of this year….

  • rehan khan

    Jthj very superb movie

  • emaankhan

    jaab tak hain jaan soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo niceeeeeee film

  • köylerimardin ilçeleri

    mardin köyleri izle

  • Hamid

    i loved wathing son of sardar

  • surajkumar

    son of sardaar is best film and sanju and ajay the best in bollywood baki sab bekar.

  • anil adhangale

    s o s is a suuuper hiiiiit film & ajay devgn is fantastik acter than s r k

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