What would you like to see in ‘Satyamev Jayate’ season 2?

What would you like to see in ‘Satyamev Jayate’ season 2?

After being showered with criticism and praise all at once, Aamir Khan bids goodbye to the small screen (for only a brief while, we hope) this Sunday. We wonder what will he bring to the table next with the next season…

As Satyamev Jayate season 1 comes to an end this week, we aren’t quite sure if Aamir Khan has made up his mind about doing season 2 yet. And although we hear that he will think about all that jazz only post-September, after he’s done wrapping up his film projects, we wonder if the next run of the show will be more boring or surprisingly interesting…

Well, whatever the case is, we came up with a list of what we would like to see in season 2. And we hope Mr Khan pays some heed to our carefully jotted suggestions.

More outdoor interviews

We saw Aamir playing basketball in the promos and chilling in Ladakh. Where’s the adventure, where’s the action? Everything seems restricted to a set, a studio audience and people whining and weeping in the boring indoors.

Less melodrama

Every time the cameras zoom in on Aamir Khan’s moist eyes or focus on a crying spectator in the audience, we really pray for them to cut down on the rona dhona. It feels like the makers of the show are trying hard to make you choke up and that can get quite irritating at times.

Claiming that SJ is a family show

Eventually people will watch the show if they really want to. Constantly harping on the fact that they have chosen Sunday to air the show ‘coz they want the whole family to enjoy it together has started to get on our nerves. Gone are the days when people woke up early to watch Mahabharata and Ramayana. Today everyone simply wants to cherish their Sundays, sleeping away to glory or enjoying a delicious brunch.

Less preachy

Preach, preach till you succeed. We hope the makers change the motto of the show in the near future.

More interesting issues:

Cyber crimes

Since it’s the electronic age, it would be fun if Mr Khan brings to the fore the number of cyber crimes that takes place every year. Young techies minting moolah out of this profession and unscrupulous entrepreneurs duping people left and right are certain issues he can shed light upon.


From spitting to throwing around waste on the roads, Aamir can sprinkle his own spice to this age old problem.


Aamir can talk about the challenges faced by the sportspersons. How some of them resort to drugs and climb up the ladder at a great speed and how the hardworking ones lag behind. What we see and hear is only the tip of the iceberg; Khan can try and uncover the underbelly of this industry.


It’s rampant and hence all the more challenging to do an exhaustive study on a subject of this nature and transform it into a one hour show. But it definitely is a subject that needs to be talked about and dealt with.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Milind


  • jain

    Pata nahi Nd tiwari papa banane me kyon hichakate the? vase to social engineering ke anusar bahut se ase bachhe ghumate hai jisko apne Bap ka pata nahi hai. Abhi iski gadana jaroor AMIR Kan ji ko satymew jayate tv shows men dikhana chahie aur ND tiwari ji ka interview shows bhi dikhana chahie ki har bina bap ka BETA BHI DNA TEST dwara Apana PAPA pa sakata hai aur government ko PAPA discovery center har city me kholana chahie

  • mike

    I really feel so happy to read ur article about giving suggestion to Aamir Khan.Why didn’t u try to do something for society.At least he try to create awareness.It is very easy to criticize others.Let him do work stop giving suggestion to him.

  • sonali

    In one of the episode of SMJ Mr Amir Khan has focused on one of the issue related to dowery . It was shown that how the people from the boys side had forced for the dowery and how the girl taught them a lesson. But Iam very sorry to say that Amir Khan had shown only one side of the coin .There are many cases in which the boys are innocent and sitll they have to suffer.I feel it would be injustic if Amir Khan ends up with SMY without showing the other side of the coin.

  • Md Khalid

    the amezing SATYAMEV JAYATE

  • rahul shah

    sir very thanx to creat one of best nation

  • mrs khan

    Amir i really appriciate your show(SMJ).you are doing very well.I would like you to let the common people know about the harmful radiations from the cell phone towers.No doubt these towers are slow killers causing serious health problems including various types of cancers.Apna na sahi,kam se kam apne bachchon ke baare main to sochna chahiye ke kiya hum unko ek healthy zindagi jeene dinge?


    I would request you to conc next session on acid attack, “men is superior”mentality of society, men leaving their partners to marry the girl of their parent’s choice giving an explanation that his parents will die of shame, prostitution, pornography,rape, vulgarity in bollywood. You have done an amazing work and it is India’s good luck to have you.

  • prakash wahurwagh

    i think this show was a must ….its vision was above movies, and our sociao-political structure. the show has succeeded in bringing the truth on the forefront without disturbing indian politics and indian society ( religious ). it made responsible to everyone irrespective of who you are a politician , a beaurocrat or a common man. the dirty truth is there everyone somewhere knew it but everyone was afraid of everybody also it changes the indian philosophy ” mere aklele se kya hoga ” . anyway thanks for a show like satyameva jayate …we are seeing the results..

  • Mona

    Only when each of rise above such mentality that Sunday is for free time and we need to enjoy it instead of watching such rona dhona on tv is when we can dream of a better India. We saw in many episodes what the state of the country and individuals is. We should learn to get beyond our own self and rise as a society for it’s betterment and ultimately our betterment.

  • Manish

    yes, i want to see satyamev jayte season 2 and also we all want to satyamev jayte season 2 with amir khan.

  • Sripriya

    Yes, Season 2 should be back soon with more issues to the fore. Probably, both sides of the story needs to be put in. We, as citizen, know that there is injustice and yet we tolerate it. Why? Ghar chalana padta hai, saab. We all feel towards corruption-free India, but is that practically possible if we want to get ahead and complete our jobs? The police are often ridiculed, but has anyone really looked into their lives vis-a-vis their pay scales? What about the aam clerk in the Govt offices? What about stress children go through every day in trying to excel their best friend?


    VERY BORING SHOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sai Krishna

    Dear Author,

    You have totally missed the point of the show, if you think it has add a little outdoor adventure. There is no harm in doing so, if you can still hold the audience together and drive home the message.But, as you know, this is not an entertainment show. I think the audience watching this show don’t have an expectation that this should be adventurous or entertaining. So, there is no harm even if Aamir Khan doesn’t play basketball. :)

    I agree with you in some way on the extra emphasis on the rona-dhona. I think it is coming out a little straight on the face that he is trying out a little hard. I think Aamir will definitely work on it in the next season.

    In my view, people are really emotional and empathetic for this show. It is because the show is about people in real life. For any person who watched this show, I am sure there are moments when he empathized, cried, and asked questions.

    I actually see people talking about this show. I think if this show continues, then it has the power to bring some attitudinal and behavioral changes among people.

    We have so many celebrities around the world who could have done this in some way. But nobody did it. May be because they didn’t have the self-belief or they are too busy in entertaining people. This show is a small step towards a large vision.

    I think the step has been taken, and it is taken by Mr. Aamir Khan. He is a leader in people’s eyes now.

  • vidya

    Attacks on women.
    Road rages.

  • madhura

    undoubtedly it was an amazing show but i wasnt able to understand y the victims where shown and the culprits where not shown infact they should be whacked royally in the show if thers is a next season please mr khan would request you to punish the culprits in real sense on the show

  • priti sureka

    after so many days A realty show has come which is showing exactly what realty is . It is an eye opener for our society and to ourselve aiso. I salute Amir for such a briilient idea.

  • RC Dwivedi

    DearAamir,we want that ur work for curruption at high level
    like judicery will definatly bring relief to coman men.Out of 12 high court judges posted at BILASPUR seven are local resident practisnar,selected as high court judge and working like subordinate of ministers.High court is working like subordinate office to state goverment.Plight have reached to the stage that Govt. use to bring Apex court advocate to remove stay for one case which is political vendata of ruling party.Here partinient to say that higher advocate is a elder brother of sitting judge.subject is to make fifty eight percent reservation to SC/STcandidate instate services as well as educational inistitution.The cases against govt is not being heard espesialy connected with govt.servants.one of the case for example is case number51/2011 which is connected with worng interpretation of supreem court (full bench )judgement given on 24/10/2006 in nagraj v/s central govt.state advocate journal have adviced state to modify state rules but state govt have decided to re live advocate journal from the services and acted as per their wishes

  • monika bajpai

    sub. mobail tower sir do samethig please .esase niklati hue rediasion kitne logo ki jan kiafat ban chuki hai .es par vichar jaruur kare