What’s Akshay Kumar’s worst nightmare?

Jumping off tall buildings or dangerous action sequences are just a cakewalk for the Rowdy Rathore actor. But there’s something that makes him shudder….

We thought Akshay Kumar could easily be titled one of the most fearless actors of B-town, until we heard this – Akki is scared of dance sequences! And this was something choreographer-turned-director Prabhu Deva revealed in a recent interview. Also, to get AK into the groove for Rowdy Rathore, Prabhu had to resort to giving the actor a pep talk just before beginning any dance sequence, we are told. Sigh!

What’s more, Akki was even heard saying, “Everything else is fine, but when the song starts and I have to shake myself, I go blank! It really scares and stresses me!” Uh-ho! No wonder the action hero went on a vacation with son Aarav after Rowdy Rathore released. Tch tch! Talk about Bollywood quirks.