What’s brewing between Chandni Bhagwanani and Nishad Vaidya of Amita Ka Amit?

It seems the reel life love affair has got them close in real life too

Rumour has it that Sony TV’s popular couple Amita and Amit aka Chandni Bhagwanani and Nishad Vaidya are seeing each other in real life too. While the couple is vehemently denying the story, we know there is no smoke without fire, no?

It seems Chandni and Nishad share great onscreen camaraderie and it spills on to their real life too. The duo spends a lot of time together after shots. In fact, after Amita Ka Amit’s shoot schedule Nishad makes it a point to drop Chandni home every day. They don’t deny that they are best friends, but we have to wonder, is there more to it than what meets the eye!

When queried about his relationship with Chandni, Nishad says that his co-star is a sweetheart and indeed very special to him. However, it’s not love yet. So does that mean that the relationship might bloom in the near future? Wethinks, the couple are in the initial stages of their…ahem ahem…relationship and no one has voiced the obvious. Chandani too claims that they are not in love, yet. But we just can’t seem to ignore the evident bond they share.

Our over excited brain has already made the connections and we hope the duo make it official soon. ‘Coz there’s no denying that Nishad and Chandni certainly look too cute together. What do you think, BollywoodLifers?