What’s brewing between Pooja Sharma and Vin Rana?

There has been a lot of talk about the man in Pooja aka Draupadi’s life, but the actor always maintained that she was single

At the recent after party of Star Parivaar awards 2014, we heard that Pooja Sharma and Vin Rana, who plays Nakula in Mahabharat were seen dancing and cozying up with each other. We initially believed that Pooja was dating Shaheer Sheikh (Arjun), but after seeing him leave the party early, it was clear that he’s not the man in Pooja’s life.

Apparently, on the sets of Mahabharat, Pooja and Vin avoid being too friendly or close in front of an audience. However, our khabroo from the sets of the show said, “Pooja and Vin spend all their free time texting each other. They constantly Whatsapp each other whether they are together or not, and have long conversations. But when people are there… they act distant.”

Guess the actors have taken their onscreen relationship quite seriously. Keep watching this space for more updates on this one!