What’s brewing between Sky and Pooja Bedi?

What’s brewing between Sky and Pooja Bedi?

Bigg Boss season 5 has ended but the two good friends, Sky and Pooja, haven’t forgotten each other. They continue to spend time off the screen

More often than not, friendships that begin inside the Bigg Boss house don’t last once the contestants are out. But looks like Pooja Bedi and Akashdeep Saigal have become really good buddies after the show has ended. Remember during their stint in the house, most inmates were upset with Sky for his obnoxious behaviour, while Pooja constantly stood by him and supported him? It seems Sky is now out to return the favour, especially since Pooja was kept away from the finale for defending him. Or maybe the ‘good friends’ are contemplating taking their friendship to the next level? After all, the sexy Bedi ended up in a romantic relationship with her choreographer/partner Hanif Hillal after Jhalak Dikhla Jaa ended. Remember?

Anyway, the two have been hanging out with each other ever since the show ended a few days ago. First, they attended the launch of photographer Dabboo Ratnani’s 2012 calendar, where they posed together for the media. They hung around for quite some time and were seen having an animated conversation. After making a public appearance, we spotted the two chilling at a suburban café the next day. Pooja was present with a few friends and Sky joined in after a while. But instead of spending quality time with each other, the duo got busy signing autographs, posing for pictures with fans and enjoying the attention. We did stick around to see if they indulged in any public display of affection, but we soon gave up as their outing turned into a meet and greet affair. Well, Pooja is quite outspoken and if there’s something brewing between the two, we are sure Pooja will soon come out with it. Well, if nothing else, the duo will at least manage to grab some attention by hanging out together, right? Meanwhile, even as this deadly duo was seen in each other’s company, we spotted the other loud contestant of the show, Pooja Misrra in an angry mood, yapping loudly with a young lad at a suburban five-star hotel. Just one piece of advice to the lady, maybe the next time she should keep her decibel levels low. Darling, you are not in the Bigg Boss house anymore!

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  • Priya

    Pooja was kept away from the finale by the channel because they got proof that Pooja was spreading rumors abt Salman and Mahek by sending text messages to leading newspapers and then trying to create misunderstanding between Salman and colors channel by giving the impression that the channel’s PR was behind the rumors. The editors of these newspapers traced the messages to Pooja’s family and friends phones.. she even sent a message from from her dad’s phone. who can tolerate such things …so obviously stupid PB got banned. Nobody would ban her for defending a contestant…that sounds stupid… she was banned for her vicious campaigns …

    • Seikan

      Yeah n i believe u… Get a life u Salman’s pet…. He is a big time hypocrite dog n r his fan…. Great… Freaking buzz off baby…

      • prasuu

        pooja bedi is always beautiful pls dont talk bad

  • raj

    salman khan is best and if any body say anything against him it me that is SRK pet only can do so….. and seikan u r SRK wet pet..

    • asra

      hi dear how are you

  • shahil

    just finished watching awards on colours what a crap all fixed just to impress srk and to upset salman bai how can the best film not be pt up for nomination and salman for best actor srk is crap and cheap tacticts salman always the best actor

  • meh

    yup salmaan is bigest jerk desperately needs treatmnt n reg puja bedi kept awy because the lady spoke n supported truth and evryone knows salmaan is bigboss uska ristadars were only invited
    CHEPOS like mehak chal