What’s cooking between Salman Khan and Elli Avram?

Salman Khan and Elli Avram

Has Sallu found his new Katrina Kaif? Is Bigg Boss 7 contestant Elli his latest ‘girl’? We wonder…

Salman Khan announced not so long ago on Bigg Boss 7 that Elli Avram reminded him of a young Katrina Kaif. With her fair complexion and endearing accent, we agree, even though we would need to half-close our eyes and squint a bit to see any facial resemblance between the two lovely ladies. But it looks like Sallu’s fondness for Elli has grown manifold since then. The actor was recently inside the Bigg Boss 7 house to celebrate Diwali with the inmates and guess what – Salman and Elli did a Diwali aarti together, looking like they fit perfectly with each other. And then there was Elli’s special musical dedication to the Bigg Boss host:Tere bina jiya jayena… And yes, we almost forgot – Elli, who was asked by Sallu to enhance her culinary skills, promptly started working towards that delicious goal. Elli told her very caring host how she’s learning how to cook and talked about the parantha recipe she had recently learned. And this adoration seems to work bother ways; Salman has been doling out hints of his obvious interest in the Mickey Virus babe.

Now we wonder what’s actually being cooked up here. Is it just spicy content for the voyeuristic Bigg Boss show, or is there more to it than what meets the eye? Do we see Elli bag a film opposite the Dabangg Khan, or will it be more than that – a place in the eternal bachelor’s life, perhaps? Does Elli truly remind Sallu of Kat, or is the light eyed beauty a perfect blend of all his exes – from Somi Ali to Iulia Vantur? Watch this space for more, as we dig into what’s brewing between Elli and Salman!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • maya soni

    sal ji u r so sweey

  • olfurious

    whatever be cooking between them, smelling good! i like elli good atitude she wil be the next star for sure.

  • abid

    king of king one n only king salman.eagerly waiting for jai ho.

  • Salander

    Shame on you Salman for flirting with Elli jo tumhari beti ki umar ki hain agai toh hoti tumhari. Find an old woman for yourself and stop your non sense. You’ve been damn unfair this time which is why everyone hates u.

    • shahrukh

      salman itna handsome hai ki usse sab jalta hai.tu vi jalta hai

    • rahul rastogi

      thu kya hai thu kuch nai salman bhai ka samna the golden heart salman bhai jai ho

  • arif

    Salman bhai u r 1&only super star in bollywood

  • mubeen

    we wantd 2 see elli to work with sallu in upcoming film.

  • Fathia Wumi

    Ride on my faverite actor,,,but please stop dating young young ladies its unfair pls find perfect woman for your self and stop dating small small girls….

  • techi totu

    salman g bash tusi sadi kro lo g ..

  • Disha

    Lol it’s not Sonu Walia but Somy Ali

  • no comments

    i hate her so much… first of all she does not belong to our country…
    she pretends to be sweet… and acts falsely in front of salman… trying to impress him all the time… her actions are so sick… when confronting salman trying to impress him all the ways she can… I hate her………..

  • no comments

    i hate her so much…..

  • Angel

    You don’t need to squint to see Ellie’s resemblance to Kat. Maybe you just need your eyes checked.

  • Angel

    You don’t need to squint to see the resemblance.
    You probably just need to get your eyes checked.

  • Peace

    Only 1 question. Will Salman Khan ever get married so that he can have generations. I thinks this stardom and fame things getting way ahead of him. Or does he think his Ranbir kapoor or Shahid who are in their thirties. He’s an old man already so he shd wake up and act fast.he wasn’t the first to become a star and a popular one at that so he shd and he will definately not be the last. He’s allowing this fame thing to get in way over his head.

  • adi

    salman khan is one and only superstar of sub continent

  • Mr Right

    Anyone remember when he ran over a pedestrian in India?

  • Princess Angel

    Elly yaar i love u and want to tell one thing if i vl b the boy den dfntly u vl be mine but this time u are like my sweet sis love u from the bttm of my hrt and for Salman B-) Elly is the perfect mach for u ♡:-)♡ best of luck to u both love u both ☆