What’s in store for Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra’s baby?

Our tarot card reader tells us if Baby K will inherit the charm, creativity and glamour of his parents

When we are born, we come into this world with a basic life path and a set personality, which can be nurtured in a way that it can be used to our benefit.

Baby K, has come with a Magician like personality. He has the ability to show you only what he wants you to see and mystify you with his charm. It’s a nice quality for the cusp of a male Taurean and Gemini to have, especially since they are ruled by the elements of Earth and Air respectively. He will have the ability to remain grounded yet be imaginative and highly intellectual. He, like the Six of Wands, will know how to fight all odds and receive many victories in life, allowing him to stay on top and gauge his life with an intelligent perspective.

Over the years, he will face many changes and challenges, which, like the Death card, he will have the ability to take in his stride. In fact, he will remain composed and will relish such moments where he will be tested. The Five of Pentacles does warn of breathing difficulties, which can lead to allergies.

In his upbringing, he will require a lot of love and care. His parents will need to provide him with not just Hermit-like strong values, but also a lot of emotional security. This will come especially from Shilpa Shetty, as he will be most comfortable with his mother. He will have immense respect for his father and will learn the value of being a strong family man from him.

He will be flamboyant and like the Empress, he will love luxury. Yet, he will value the hard work gone behind earning it. His charm will lead him into films. He will love the energy that will come from this profession and like the King of Wands, he will be able adapt himself into his characters. Despite this, his respect for his father and through the values instilled in him; the Ten of Pentacles shows that family business will always be a priority, but creativity is something he won’t stay away from either.

Flirting will come naturally to him, and he will be spoiled for choice when it comes to the women in his life. But the Seven of Cups reflects that this will all be an illusion and true love will be tougher to find. He, like the Justice and Strength cards will have the right balance, along with family inputs to choose his life partner wisely.

His life is like the Three of Cups – a celebration, in which he will face some tough decisions, but will eventually overcome all this with firm resolve and ease.

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