Posted Mon, January 7, 2013 3:08pm IST

The actor is looking as radiant as ever and we wonder if the reason behind it is a certain Mr SRK

The newlywed Vidya Balan, who tied the knot with Siddharth Roy Kapur, looks gorgeous on the cover of the Filmfare magazine. Her face is shining like never before and her smile has that illuminating effect. So when we spotted her at a couple of events recently, the actor looked content and very much at peace, even though she donned her usual Sabyasachi Mukherjee saree and garish make-up.

The Filmfare cover: We loved the retro look. It looks like Vidya is straight out of a black and white movie. The old school charm, the grace with which she’s carrying herself and the demure expression – Balan blows us away in that ‘old is gold’ style. Honesty, this look is much better than her style in the Vogue cover that she recently shot for.

Zee Cine Awards: VB chose a silk saree and dark hued lipstick for this event. Sticking by her husband’s side like a coy bride, who will say that she was a part of a bold film like The Dirty Picture. But then VB surprised us by saying ‘no more dirty pictures’ on the cover of Filmfare, and well, that pretty much explained the body language of this gorgeous married woman at the awards ceremony.

At the police show Umang: We loved the pale pink Sabyasachi saree. The bright red-orange lipstick is a li’l too tacky for our taste. But the temple earrings and the straight silky hair get a thumbs up from us. Must say, the glow remains intact, and so does the bride-like shy demeanour.