What’s with the attitude, Ranveer Singh?

At first the Band Baaja Baaraat actor refused to talk, but when he did, he babbled and behaved in a way that has left many of us shocked!

Fame seems to have gone to the head of one-film-old Ranveer Singh. Or was he always a snooty guy from the glamorous suburb of Mumbai called Bandra? Anyway, we had heard that the Band Baaja Baaraat debutant had taken his first film’s success and praise too seriously, and was throwing around his weight already. We thought it could be a false perception and let it be. But after what we saw at the launch of his first film with Vikramaditya Motwane, Lootera, we are forced to believe the rumours are true. During the Q&A, a journalist was irked by the otherwise talkative Ranveer’s monosyllabic responses. So, she point blank asked him: Why are you being monosyllabic? He shot back with: You’ll have to get it out of me. Then she asked him to talk about his look in the period love story. Ranveer said, “This guy you see is the coolest dude in the 1950s. So you see him wearing is the coolest thing around, like these high-waist jeans. Which I think after Mr Aamir Khan, only I am wearing.” Doesn’t that sound like he has become too big for his boots? That wasn’t it though. Later, Ranveer funnily aped Salman Khan’s walk in Dabangg, till his co-star and Salman’s friend Sonakshi darted angry looks at him from the other corner of the stage. So now you decide if this behaviour – poking fun at your seniors – is acceptable from a newcomer. By the way, Ranveer is a self-confessed SRK fan, so maybe he thinks this would be a cool way to get into the superstar’s good books! But we think it’s a bad idea. Don’t you?