Posted Mon, December 10, 2012 1:15pm IST

The Dhoom:3 actor was spotted with a plaster at a cancer awareness event. We wonder why…

Katrina Kaif’s role in the upcoming movie Dhoom:3 is packed with action, we are told. And while we were delighted at the prospect of seeing this babe pack some crisp punches, buzz suggests that all was not hunky-dory as far as the rehearsals of the fight sequences were concerned.

While practicing for her much-talked-about action scene in a suburban studio, Kat fell down and tore the ligament of her right hand. The babe was in pain for a few hours, but started feeling better after a while. And maybe that’s why she was spotted attending the Teal and Pink Awareness program for Cervical and Breast Cancer with a bandaged wrist. “She needs to be very careful now for the next few days,” a sneaky birdie informed. Ouch!

Does that mean the shooting for Dhoom:3 has been postponed? We have no clue about it, not yet. But all this makes us wonder if the graceful actor should stick to doing delicate dancing sequences instead of dabbling in risky action stunts. What do you think readers, shouldn’t she?

Photos: Yogen Shah