What’s wrong with Urmila Matondkar?

It’s been ages since we last saw her on the big screen and it seems like the Matondakar mulgi is finding it very difficult to make her way back into B-town. Urmila, though, doesn’t want to admit to that

Ask today’s teenagers if they know who Urmila Matondkar is and chances are that they will scratch their heads in an attempt to place this bombshell. So when quizzed about the dearth of opportunities she’ facing, the Rangeela actor says she’s waiting for an exciting script. Oh Really? We think otherwise! The industry has always been abuzz with stories about Urmila Matondkar’s starry tantrums and high-handed attitude. Though a fine actor of her times, she seems to have slowed down thanks to her alleged fallout with director Ram Gopal Varma. So when we caught up with the 37-year-old actor on the sets of a reality television show she’s currently judging, we asked Urmila what she had to say about the critics who think that reality shows are an easy way out for actors who are not in demand. She immediately retorts, “I have nothing to say. Everybody is allowed to have an opinion, but they can keep it to themselves. Such comments don’t affect me; otherwise I would not have been sitting here.” Oh come on Urmila, we know that the money is great in the television industry these days and it’s the ideal comfort zone for actors who are not doing anything. So why not be frank about it? The actor further adds, “The offer has to be exciting especially for an actor like me who has experimented with every genre and possible roles there are to portray.” Well, we hope that with contemporaries like Karisma Kapoor and Raveena Tandon making a comeback, Urmila too finds her way back into films.