When Abhishek Bachchan called up Shah Rukh Khan at 2 am…

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What were the two Happy New Year co-stars talking about in the dead of the night? Read on to find out…

Abhishek Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan have been close buddies since long. But we didn’t know that they were 2 am buddies. Yes, you heard it right. AB Junior called up SRK in the dead of the night. So what did the two speak about? We wonder…

Our khabroos inform us that the Happy New Year co-stars were supposed to go on an early morning flight together to Dubai for another schedule of the Farah Khan film. All was set and AB Jr was just about to leave house when his daughter Aaradhya asked daddy dearest to stay over as she was feeling lonely. Being a doting dad, Abhishek tried hard but couldn’t manage to escape this scenario. He called up SRK and asked him to go alone and informed him that he will be taking the next flight and reach for the shoot. SRK readily agreed.

However, that too didn’t fease out as Junior B wasn’t again able to leave his daughter when she asked him to stay back in the afternoon. After cancelling three flights, finally Abhishek left for Dubai by the evening flight. In the meanwhile he called up SRK a zillion times and said sorry for not being able to make it for the shoot. SRK, who is known for spending more time with his kids than on his films, asked Abhishek not to apologise and told him that he too had faced similar situations in life and, therefore, there was no reason to feel sorry. On the contrary SRK was happy that someone was so much like him when it came to their own family.

Now that’s what we call two very devoted fathers. Hai na?

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  • binna

    And that’s something the PR agency released/informed you about or how do you know that!!???????

    • Tortilla Patel

      the author of the article got a called at 2 am from Bachchan.