When ‘Agent Vinod’ called up ‘Krrish’ for advice

Saif Ali Khan who’s excited about the release of his upcoming mega-thriller Agent Vinod has admitted to have called up Hrithik Roshan for some tips for playing the daredevil spy

Ask Saif Ali Khan about the discipline it requires to play a macho star and you will know that it’s a tiring job. The actor will be seen fighting bad men, somersaulting in cars and jumping off bridges in his film Agent Vinod, releasing this Friday. We hear that the 41-year-old actor did not enjoy preparing for the supreme action hero role. “All that yoga, dieting, it wasn’t fun,” said Saif in an interview to a daily. Saif maintained that he has huge respect for action stars, as doing those roles is not a cakewalk. “It’s tough to do action for 40 days at a stretch…you tire out. You have to work hard to impress the audience. Rom-coms also exhaust you, but mentally. With action films, you go home cut and bruised every night,” added the Agent Vinod actor.

And guess which superstar Saif chose to call up to get a tip or two? Of course, our homegrown superhero, Hrithik Roshan! Wethinks Saif did right by calling up the Krrish actor. After all, no one has played a dashing, macho superhero as convincingly on the Indian big screen as Hrithik. The 37-year-old has also picked up injuries on many occasions while filming his stunts. Saif too, by his own admission, got bruises and cuts while shooting for the action sequences in Agent Vinod. Now we wonder what lessons the younger actor must have imparted for Agent Vinod to stay fit, fine and fabulous while pulling off his actions scenes cleanly!