When Aishwarya acted as Hugh’s decoy


She distracted the media so the Wolverine star could escape unnoticed

We don’t know if Hugh Jackman was sick and tired of the media attention he was getting. Or just upset at the horrifying spelling mistake the organisers made in the AV (they called him Jackaman). Whatever the reason, the Aussie star opted to not speak to the media at the FICCI Frames 2011 event. Once he had collected his award, he tried to sneak out the back way. And to divert press attention, he took the help of the lady he called the ‘very beautiful – but not most beautiful – actress in the world’: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. So, while Ash agreeably posed for the press and answered questions, Hugh and wife Deborah sneaked out with their entourage. The two pulled it off with flawless timing. Ash kept the press engaged with how she has no problems with the Hollywood star for commenting that he believes his wife is the most beautiful woman in the world; Hugh looked back once to ensure no one was following him and then left. It was the perfect trick. After all, when you have the most beautiful woman in the world (and we believe that) talking to you, who will want to go after Hugh?