When Darsheel Safary shed blood for ‘Zokkomon’

Manjari Fadnis recalls her junior co-star’s brave act during the shoot of his superhero flick

Taare Zameen Par kid Darsheel Safary is a true superhero. At least, that’s what his Zokkomon co-star Manjari Fadnis would like you to believe. While she had an amazing time shooting with the child star for the superhero film, there was a moment when things went wrong. “There was this scene where I had to turn and by mistake, my hand hit Darsheel on his lip. He started bleeding and I was totally unaware of it.” She continues, “We finished the scene and I went back to my room. I found out later that one of the others on the sets noticed that Darsheel was bleeding and they immediately went to help him. And you know what Darsheel said? ‘Don’t tell Manjari didi, she will feel bad.’ It was so sweet of him to think of me even when he was hurt. This is not the first time. Darsheel and I were students of Shiamak Davar and once, during a stage performance, he was supposed to jump off the stage and start dancing. Unfortunately, when he jumped he fell flat on his face instead of landing on his feet. He was injured badly, but he continued his performance. He is very brave, just like Zokkomon.” Now that’s what we call a true superhero!