When Karan Johar wore a ‘Superman’ costume

Have you ever seen Karan Johar experimenting with his dressing style? The man is always seen in formals and doesn’t move far from his regular black-and-white attire. Why does Karan play it safe? We have unearthed the secret!

Karan Johar is considered a man of style and panache. Even the ever so perfect fashonistas swear by his immaculate dressing sensibility and the host of the ‘Koffee’ show takes immense pride in that. But if you watch closely you will know that Karan doesn’t play much with what he wears. Though he’s always immaculately dressed and comes across as suave and a step ahead in terms of his fashion statement, you rarely see KJo ditching formal wear. What is it that holds Karan back from experimenting with his attire? Well, the answer lies in KJo’s childhood.

It happened thus that when Karan was very young he attended his friend’s birthday party. Karan’s mom, Hiroo Johar made our young KJo wear the famous Superman costume. Karan happily agreed and donned the outrageous costume, thinking that he was going to attend a theme party. Much to his embarrassment, Johar later discovered that the party had no theme whatsoever. It was a regular get-together. Naturally, everybody except KJo had turned up in casual clothes. Only Karan was sauntering around in this bizarre Superman costume. This incident left Karan so embarrassed that he stopped attending parties for the next two years.

So whenever Karan steps out of his house these days, perhaps he recollects the bitter memories of the same incident. We are sure Karan knows that nobody would like to watch him wearing the bizarre outfit with his red undies out!