When Katrina Kaif stunned Bang Bang’s costume department!

When Katrina Kaif stunned Bang Bang’s costume department!

The actor paid an extravagant amount for gowns out of her own pocket because the film’s production team was hesitant

Katrina Kaif is not only a queen ruling over a million hearts she is also a royal soul by nature! The actor who is currently shooting alongside Hrithik Roshan for Bang Bang recently bought two freakishly expensive gowns for herself! The B-town diva refused to settle for outfits that were shipped to her by her Indian designer. Instead her costume team called upon designer Gavin Miguel to make new gowns for a song sequence in the movie.

Though astonishingly gorgeous the gown costed over Rs.1 crore. Thus the production house was in two minds about the expense but Katrina swooped in as she was hellbent on wearing the nothing but the best. She offered to pay for the gowns herself.

Now those are some high standards Kat!

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  • khushi

    soooo cute article
    for the first time i’ve seen such a great respect for katrina kaif in this article
    thank you soo much :)
    see, katrina is not that bad :)

  • Nuha

    So Katrina Kaif you are hindu and muslim right or not?

    • Angela

      Ms Nuha, Katrina Kaif’s father is half Pakistani and her mom is Caucasian British or in other words she is 3/4 % white and a 1/4 % Pakistani. Her grandfather on her father’s side is Full Pakistani, he married a British woman.

      • Angela

        So her father is half Pakistani and half British and he married a British woman. If you look at Katrina Kaif’s real pictures she had dark blonde hair and greenish hazel eyes and looks very Caucasian. In an America magazine it was said that she colors her hair black and wears black contact lens and often applies a bronzer to maintain a light tan. So she can be accepted in Hindu cinema. When she goes back to England she looks very British. Just Google her sisters and her brothers pictures.

        • twin

          Katrina is christen. Her father is kashmiri n mother is english. It is not a topic to discuss n you are using so much brain on it, what ever she is we love her being a personality n celebrity!

      • aaaa

        She is not pakistani but british…check Wikipedia for more details

  • Nuha

    I think you are muslim and Hindu because your father is Muslim and you mother is Hindu
    That’s why your name is Katrina for Hindu and kaif for Muslim

  • Nuha

    And I love yooouuuu

  • najatlovekiss

    i hope bollywoodlife you are doing this with a good mind

  • Outlander

    Yes Katrina has a high standard…unlike cheapika who would have not only refused to pay a single rupee from her pocket but probably tried to make some profit of her own!

    • Janet Maruzza

      Kat should also have trust in her wardrobe ppl. It’s not just about looking good. Her acting skills shoud be a priority.

    • ddd

      Is deepika going to take money from you or what…wht the heck..this was a lousy comment…n katrina shld rathr feed the hungry n poor rathr thn throw money on some gown which she wil wear it once only

  • Riya

    Such a good gesture shown by her love uh for this

  • pia

    Aisi kaun si dress hai jo 1 core ki hai<<< fake news…omg 1 acres means 100 lacs,,,she can spend this amount on poor people,,,dress does'nt matter who lukd gud ,,,