When Priyanka Chopra got a standing ovation…

Priyanka Chopra receives a standing ovation
Yogen Shah

The Exotic babe was recently applauded on the sets of Mary Kom biopic. Read on to know why

Priyanka Chopra has proven her acting prowess time n’ again. She has done diverse roles through the span of her Bollywood career and she’s all set to do it yet again with her role in the Mary Kom biopic. The Fashion babe has been going through strenuous training sessions in boxing for over a year and has gone out of her way to perfect her Manipuri accent. And well, all the hard work has already started paying off. A little birdie tells us that Priyanka received a standing ovation on the sets of Mary Kom’s biopic!

You ask us, why? Well, we hear that Priyanka shot a 20-minute long scene in one take! A source told a popular daily, “She performed an intense boxing scene, followed by a dramatic emotional sequence that was over 20 minutes long. That is what earned her a standing ovation.” That’s not all! When Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who is producing the biopic heard about Priyanka’s performance, he called and congratulated her.

Well now, we can’t wait to watch Priyanka’s flawless performance in Mary Kom biopic so that we can congratulate her too… What about you, BollywoodLifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Cattypuss

    She would look so much better if she just STOPPED with the fat/botox injections in her lips – it’s starting to look hideous.

    • yazz

      everyone does something to look better n priyanka is looking better even if she did something far better than her contemporaries like anushka deepika kareena katrina n next year she gonna win all the awards again after barfi

      • Cattypuss

        Don’t get me wrong – I think she’s very pretty, but I feel she is ruining her looks by making her lips look like somebody has belted her in the mouth. I have showed several male friends of mine the photo above and they all agree that she’s overdoing it.

  • guest

    Actually,those who hate r just mad at them selves they waste so much energy on hate. Don’t care much about actors but this one has lots of guts & is truly talented. Hats off to miss chopra.

  • Vikram

    A Sure National Award is coming towards PC.
    Eagerly Waiting………….. #MaryKom
    Best Actor Female In A Leading Role………….

  • guest

    she will win filmfare award, national award for mary kom

  • guest

    I’m not a big fan of bollywood movies. However , i am curious about Mary kom biopic. Can’t wait to see miss Chopra’s performance.

  • yazz

    Another National award coming your way peecee n Padmashree award by next year u rock our desi girl

  • mohim roy

    Sure….she’s the only deserving 1 in bollywood…way to go babe..desperately waiting for this movie..it’s gonna be a blockbuster and a lots of critical acclaim…!!

  • na jaane

    she will sweep all the best actress awards for 2015, and also for 2016 cos she will be in madhur bhandarkar madamji

  • Pooja

    the only actress that can balance critical success and commercial success!
    way 2 go pc!!

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