When Salman Khan turned into a real life hero…

The Jai Ho actor has decided to bear all the treatment expenses of a 14-year-old boy who is bounded to a wheel chair due to a medical condition

Salman Khan is one actor who never shies away from extending a helping hand. Yesterday, when the superstar was leaving from Mehboob studios, an old man and his son on wheel chair caught his attention. After inquiring about their problems, Sallu miyaan instantly thought of helping them. 45-year-old Kailash Chandanshiv and his son Vijay, who live in Belapur, were looking for help when the Jai Ho actor spotted them. As soon as Khan came to know Vijay cannot walk due to his medical condition, he wrote a doctor’s name on a piece of paper and told his father to get in touch with him. Also, he assured Kailash that he would take care of all the medical expenses. The bhai of Bollywood indeed has a golden heart, no?

While talking to a leading daily, Dr Sandeep Chopra who works with the Being Human Foundation and is the one recommended by Salman to Kailash said, “We have treated Vijay before but he lost touch with us. After meeting him near Mehboob Studio, Salman immediately called me up and said that we need to take care of Vijay’s case on priority basis. We will ensure that financial and medical help is extended to them.”

Now that’s living up to the name Being Human…literally, hai na?