When Shah Rukh Khan lost a role to Dhanush…

When Shah Rukh Khan lost a role to Dhanush…

SRK was the original choice to play the role that Dhanush essays in Shamitabh

Photographs and updates from Amitabh Bachchan’s upcoming film, Shamitabh are making news these days. But we have got some inside scoop regarding this film, which might surprise you.

As you will already know, Dhanush essays the role of a junior artiste in Shamitabh. But from what we hear, Shah Rukh Khan was the original choice for that role. And apparently Big B was to lend his voice for SRK‘s character. But the Chennai Express actor chose not to accept the offer, for the reasons best known to him.

If you ask us, it would have been great to see SRK and Sr Bachchan together in a film yet again. But then Dhanush comes across as a good choice considering his phenomenal performance in Raanjhanaa.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • milan227

    IT’s for the best. Hate to say it but SRK’s superstar persona is beginning to seep into every role he does. Dhanush would make a better junior artiste than SRK. Besides – Big B’s voice for Shah Rukh? Really? REALLY?

  • LovelyLolitaa .

    No offense….I like SRK a lot but Dhanush would be more apt for the role of a junior artiste in the movie…

  • Sadique Islam

    it would hav been great to see dhanush.
    coz he is great. Nd he is multitalented and he is gud actor. Bettr than shahrukh.