When SRK scared the ‘Always Kabhi Kabhi’ team

After over a month of delay in confirming the finale song, Shahrukh Khan gave director Roshan Abbas and music composer Pritam an ultimatum

King Khan is known for his kindness and affection towards his team, but at the same time he is a tough taskmaster. For over a month Roshan Abbas – who is making Always Kabhi Kabhi for the Red Chilies banner – and his music director Pritam struggled to settle on the finale song. They churned out several tunes, but nothing fit the situation just right. Eventually the Badshah gave them an ultimatum. Recalls Abbas, “One day Shahrukh said he was coming to finalise the song. That was it. Everybody panicked. We all were very nervous, because we had shared whatever we had and there was nothing new left. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Pritam shared one more tune. He played it and we all loved it. This was at 6 pm, and Shahrukh was expected at 7. Amitabh (Bhattacharya), the lyricist, was worried, ‘What you want me to do in an hour?’. But luck was on their side that day. “Shahrukh sent a message saying that he’ll come by 11 pm. So now we had five hours; and in those five hours, magic happened. We managed to write a paragraph, and it was kick-ass. At 11.30pm, Shahrukh walked in. He sat, heard two tunes, but was not very happy. Finally Pritam played that last tune; Shahrukh looked up and said ‘This is it’. We (Roshan, Pritam and Amitabh) started hugging each other, as if we had won an award,” laughs Abbas. We don’t know about winning an award, but pleasing the man who pumps in the money to make your dream come true is definitely worth a sigh of relief.