When Sumona Chakravarti became Mrs Kapil Sharma in real life!

Comedy Nights with Kapil fans have loved the nok-jhok between onscreen couple, but guess what Sumona is also experienced playing his wife in real

Kapil Sharma and his onscreen wife Sumona Chakravarti share a khatta-meetha rapport on their show Comedy Nights with Kapil. While Ms Chakravarti or rather her lips are a constant butt of Mr Sharma’s jokes, looks like their relationship goes beyond the cameras. Apparently the single babe is often answering queries about her screen husband in real life. That’s not it, once she had to even sport a vermilion at a Durga puja celebrations thanks to her relationship with Kapil. In a recent interview to a daily, an amused Sumona confessed that she is many a times referred to as Kapil’s biwi. The actor who plays Ram Kapoor’s sister in Bade Achche Lagtey Hai was embarrassed had one such embarrassing moment during a festival, she said, “During Durga Puja last year, a woman put a sindoor on my forehead thinking I am married to Kapil for real.”

That’s not it – parties are no different for Sumona. She said, “It’s embarrassing when I get bombarded with questions about my ‘husband’ Kapil at events and public gatherings. Such queries can get baffling, especially when people don’t take note of the occasion. For instance, when I’m out partying with friends, random people will come and ask me about Kapil’s whereabouts. I always reply curtly, ‘How will I know where Kapil is?'”

Well, now we don’t really blame the CNWK fans for loving this couple so much, after all their crackling chemistry is to be blamed for this, hai na?