When Vinay Pathak made cracks at Priyanka and Katrina

The Chalo Dilli actor poked fun at the IT raids conducted on their homes

Vinay Pathak was in a hilarious mood at the launch of Chalo Dilli recently. The veteran comic actor happily parried all the questions from the media till one caught him completely off guard…only for a moment, though. Nothing really keeps this ebullient actor down for long. So when he was asked about the rumours floating about that he has been charging exorbitant rates for his films, Vinay retorted, “Please do not spread such news about me. Else the IT department guys will raid my house. And I don’t even have a boyfriend!” The crack was clearly aimed at Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif, whose boyfriends were said to have been in their homes when they were raided by the Income Tax department. Vinay quickly apologised for the joke, accepting that it was indeed a very low blow. We wonder how his costar Lara Dutta, who was on stage with him at that time, kept her polite face on while he took the nasty dig at her infamous rival Piggy Chops. Now if only she showed such acting talent on screen, she may just join the former Miss World at the top of the filmi leader board.