Where did Aamir Khan’s moustache go?

The face fuzz has been there for a while now, but is missing in the recently-shot Delhi Belly item number

Everyone who has seen Aamir Khan’s item song in Delhi Belly has only one thing to ask – where has his moustache vanished? Aamir has been growing his moochie for Reema Kagti’s upcoming cop flick. Yet it’s not visible at all in his song I hate you… tere pyar ne kar diya deewana. The song was shot just recently while Aamir’s mouche saga has been going on for several months now. So what’s the secret? Did he shave it off and regrow it? “I can’t (shave it off). I am in continuity,” he said. The answer is simple: special effects. “We removed the moustache using special effects. We had to be very careful while doing it.” Aamir is also hoping that Mithun Chakraborty, whose dancing style inspired Aamir’s in the song, will have positive things to say about it. “I enjoyed doing the song and I hope Mithunda likes it,” he said. Especially since Aamir is called Disco Fighter in the movie. Want to know why? We asked him and he came up with: “Watch the film.”