Where does Emraan Hashmi disappear to while shooting?

Does the actor have a cloak of invisibility a la Harry Potter, or a Mr India cuff? Where, oh where does he go?

The serial kisser of B-town is in the news for some new reasons these days. It’s not the steamy scenes or the chemistry with his co-stars that’s making headlines, but his newly developed habit of disappearing while the shoot is on. The person who spilled the beans about this one is Emraan’s own uncle Mahesh Bhatt who recently said on a reality show that he still isn’t sure what happens during his nephew’s disappearing acts. He also said that if given an opportunity, the one person he would like to use a hidden camera on is Emraan, because he is really curious on why his incorrigible nephew slips into the Mr India mode, especially in the middle of a shoot. We are equally intrigued and want to know where Hashmi heads and whom he meets. We just hope that that the paparazzi sniff out what’s brewing and clear the air soon. Till then, we keep playing the guessing game and continue linking B-towns famous onscreen kiss-magnet with every possible girl around. And all we can do is have an alert mind and watchful eyes and connect the dots in the best possible way. But while this game is on, we are sure that Hashmi’s wife is doing the same and, honestly, we aren’t surprised – maybe we can join her and make it a ‘mission possible’!