Where has the Sanjay Dutt from ‘Vaastav’ gone?

Wonder why the actor has moved away from intense roles to focus on inanely comic ones

I just saw the promo of Sanjay Dutt’s latest film Chatur Singh Two Star and it got me thinking. In the last few years, Sanju baba has moved from the intense and angry avatar to the goofy one – like in Dhamaal, All The Best, No Problem and Double Dhamaal. His other option? Don some bad makeup, bash up the bad guys and get drenched in badly fake blood. It seems that’s why he’s agreed to wear this lush and strangely blonde wig and do a Peter Sellers in his next, Chatur Singh Two Star. After repeatedly watching him desperately ham his way to a hit, I have begun to wonder: whatever happened to the intense performer of Rocky, Vaastav and, to some extent, Mission: Kashmir and Munnabhai MBBS? I still remember sobbing into tissue after tissue while watching Saajan. And actually rooting for him in Khalnayak, even though he was the anti-hero. It’s true that after three decades in the industry, it is tough to do something you haven’t done before, but I am not looking for anything new. I will be happy enough if Sanjay returns to those kinds of roles – ones that give him the scope to actually explore his talent. I hope Agneepath is just the kind of acting I am talking about. Keeping my fingers crossed!