Who are Rajat Kapoor’s mistresses?

Ankhon Dekhi, Namit Das, Sanjay Mishra
Yogen Shah

The Ankhon Dekhi director spoke to us about his two lovers and how he can never keep himself away from either one. Read on to know who they are…

Rajat Kapoor’s recent release Ankhon Dekhi has impressed us a lot. We met the actor-writer-director at the screening of the film and spoke to him about his genre of films, which always tend to border on the outskirts of a superb theater performance. Also, he has been an avid theater performer himself. So which of the two mediums does he prefer? We ask…

He retorts by saying, “Both the spheres are very different from each other and both are equally exciting. Joy of theater is completely different from that of the joy of making films. They both are like my two mistresses and I hope I don’t have to ever choose between the two of them.”

So that is what his two mistresses are. We sure hope he never has to choose between them because he is equally good in both; and after seeing Ankhon Dekhi, we know we can believe it, because we have seen it with our own eyes. After all that’s what the film is all about. Hai na peeps?

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