Who could replace Salman Khan as Bigg Boss 8 host – Ranveer Singh or Ranbir Kapoor? Vote!

Who could replace Salman Khan as Bigg Boss 8 host – Ranveer Singh or Ranbir Kapoor? Vote!

We thought up a list of people that could take over as anchor for the eighth season of the high voltage reality show… if Salman quits for sure, that is

Rumours are swirling through showbiz about Salman Khan finally deciding to not to host the eighth season of Bigg Boss. Buzz has it that Ranveer Singh will step into the Dabangg Khan’s shoes. If you remember, there have been stories about Ranbir Kapoor being approached to helm the next season of the high voltage reality show. Looks like the producers are looking someone from Gen Next to anchor BB8. But all this is just rumour, with no confirmation about who will actually host the show. While wethinks Ranveer’s no-holds-barred attitude and Ranbir’s Casanova image would both work on Bigg Boss in its current format, there are a few other celebrities that we think would be able to make up for Salman‘s absence. Of course, it could all be a tall tale and the Khan dude could be back for season 8, but just in case….

Priyanka Chopra – The Exotic babe won’t be new as a host on the small screen. The Gunday actor was anchor for season 3 of Fear Factor India. With her wicked sense of humour and all that oomph, she will surely make a lovable host for Bigg Boss 8. But will the men inside the house be able to concentrate on their female partners with PC in the haute seat?

Farhan Akhtar – Then there is a fan of ours who thinks that the Bhaag Milkha Bhaag actor would be a fab host for Bigg Boss. He is witty, charismatic, observant, not afraid to say what he thinks and most of all, extremely intelligent. Also, he’d be able to see all sides of a situation or person, because he is a director too. Not to mention one simple fact: he’s hot as hell!

Parineeti Chopra – Her bubbly nature and those cute looks might work for the show. But we wonder if she will really be able to wield any authority and cut contestants down to size. Of course, she will add extra masala to the show, considering the kind of controversial statements she has been coming up with over the past few weeks….

So there you are. Ranbir, Ranveer, Priyanka, Farhan or Parineeti – Who would you want to see as the host of Bigg Boss 8? Or should Salman continue as the host of the controversial Indian reality TV show? Tell us!

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  • Sasha

    No Body can replace Salman!

  • maya

    only salman..if salman nominate someone it’s o.k.

  • Raaka LoveLiving

    Ranveer Singh is fun, cool and doesn’t take himself seriously. He has the quality to laugh at himself….Also he is the hottest actor in our country. Dangerously charming too. My vote is for Ranveer Singh <3

  • guest

    HAHAHAH OMG you literally used my Farhan Akhtar comment (from the last article) verbatim!

  • Bismillah Faqiri

    Listen guys have you ever heard that a mouse can compete with tiger I guess it’s not even possible to think about it I think ranbir kapoor grand father raj kapoor cant take salman place so then who is the hell these small insect to compete with tiger it’s always salman and I watch that show just for salman if quit I will fuck the show and fuck the new host of the show

  • sameer khan

    nobody can replace salman bhaii..only salman can replace salman…..this show is going to happen same like DUS KA DUM

  • sameer khan


  • dunno

    ranveer singh!

  • dev karastha

    none! why does it have to a bollywood actor?? *sigh. i feel like the show in itself is so hugely popular and interesting that it doesnt need another mega star. they should just hire a non biased(salman n tanisha, eyes on u) host.

  • sja

    no one can replace salman khan.if its not salman then im not gonna watch bb8.

  • ali

    salman khan only!!!!!!!

  • Salman khan fan

    no one except sallu otherwise show will be a flop… more than half people used to watch big boss only coz of salman