Who did Shahid Kapoor go on a long drive with?

Just when the gossip mills were desperate to link Shahid Kapoor with Bipasha Basu, we discovered a special friend in Sasha’s colorful life

She’s a model of high pedigree and has donned a bikini for the famous Kingfisher calendar. And recently she was seen going on a long drive with none other than the chocolate boy of B-town, Shahid Kapoor.

Mallika Haydon, sister of the sizzling hot model Lisa Haydon, is apparently getting close to the 31-year-old actor. Shahid, who’s been single for while in spite of being linked with Bipasha Basu very recently, was happy to give this new hot friend a ride in his plush car.

Recently, Sasha picked up Mallika from an event. The two then zoomed off to a distant destination, well away from the prying eyes of the media. Now this act has raised many eyebrows in B-town and curious minds can’t wait to know more about the equation between Mallika and Sasha.

But Shahid’s long drive act reminds us of something he did with Nargis Fakhri almost a year ago, when he took the Rockstar babe off to Goa for his flashy birthday party. But now Fakhri, it seems, has been conveniently replaced by Haydon.

It’s time to step on the gas for Shahid, once again!