Who does Arjun Kapoor look best with – Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt or Parineeti Chopra? Vote!

Posted Thu, September 11, 2014 9:00pm IST

The 2 States actor has worked with quite a few A-list actresses in a short span

Only four movies old, Arjun Kapoor has made a serious mark in Bollywood and has cemented his place in the industry. In his short and brief journey he has been paired opposite many high profile leading ladies. Let us find out as to who looked best opposite the Kapoor lad.

Alia Bhatt: Arjun’s most recent superhit film 2 States saw him opposite Alia, and it was their roaring chemistry that made the movie cross the coveted Rs 100 crore mark. The kissing scenes between the two were time and again portrayed as the highlight of the film and that gave rise to news about them dating. However, the two have made it clear that they are just ‘good friends’ but wethinks there is definitely something brewing the two.

Deepika Padukone: The Kapoor lad will be soon seen opposite Deepika Padukone in Homi Adajania’s Finding Fanny. The film is  about a road trip which also features Dimple Kapadia, Pankaj Kapur and Naseeruddin Shah in lead roles. The trailer of Arjun and Dippy’s quirky comedy has already attracted a lot of attention and the audiences are waiting to see their chemistry once the film releases.

Parineeti Chopra: Arjun kick started his Bollywood career with Ishaqzaade, where he was paired opposite Parineeti. It was both their performances that won audiences hearts and made the movie a big hit. However, there were hardly any rumours about the two dating, but the duo have always had a great camaraderie off screen as well.

Sonakshi Sinha: Arjun’s next film Tevar sees him get paired opposite Sonakshi, and there are already rumours about the comfortable chemistry the two share off screen. Sources from the set say that the two bond a lot after the shoot. However, they in their defence have mentioned that they are away from their family and not in their hometown and thus spending time with each other was their only pass time. Now we will have to wait and watch till the movie releases as to whether there are any other type of sparks between the two or not.(Wink, wink!)

Priyanka Chopra: Gunday saw Arjun paired opposite Priyanka, but it was not their chemistry that sparked rumours. It was his bromance with Ranveer Singh that got tongues swagging. PC, however, being very senior to Arjun in films, gelled along really well with Arjun on the sets of the film. It was after Ranveer’s spat with PC on the sets of Gunday that she started spending a lot of time with Arjun.

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  • rr

    why the hell is pc on the list ??? this list about the younger generation and not about some kid(arjun) and her aunt(priyanka)

    • nisha

      priyanka is just about the same age or 2 years older than arjun n she looks better than the actresses in the 20s so get real hater jerk rr

      • rr

        Lol!!!!!!!! you cannot deny facts

  • Terminator

    Parineeti chopra is ugly.. he looks best with alia.. i think their chemistry was the major reason for tthe sucess of “2 states”

    • Anonymous

      Are you crazy ?? Parineeti is very beautiful. The reason 2 states became a success is because it was based on an international best seller.

      • ano

        Parineeti is a very sweet girl and a breath of fresh air to this industry.

    • drashti

      pari is definitely better than that dumb female emraan hashmi alia

  • alia bhatt

    I will choose alia

  • Taanya

    Alia is too young and immature. Priyanka is too veteran for. Sonakshi is too fat for him.
    The one who looks best with Arjun is Parineeti Chopra.
    Just love the Ishaqzaade duo!! Muah! <3

    • Spency

      Parineeti Chopra is fat too so ?

      • drashti

        huh so what if she is fat???? even alia don’t have a perfect shaped body ishaqzaade was much better than 2 states, arjun-pari rocked together. maybe pari is not much pretty but definitely better than that immature face and dumb personality alia…

        • Spency

          Did you read Tanya comment before ?
          Parineeti and sonakshi have kinda the same body so if sonakshi is fat parineeti will be fat also.
          I hate Alia anyway she is so immature and dumb…

          • drashti

            wwhhoooaaa plz pari is not that much fat like sona….

    • lovedp

      Totally agree

  • Jiya

    obviously pari….. pari is so awesome…Fubbu had made his debut performance with pari.. and your first movie co-star is someone who brings the best of you..
    I love arjun-parineeti jodi

  • Nidhi Jhankar

    Parineeti Chpra does.

  • Anonymous

    Sonakshi Sinha. Without a doubt.

  • pinto

    Parineeti <3

  • vibhuti pilankar

    Sonakshi Sinha will be best.

  • simran


  • Shaani Laal

    Alia looks Good with him. !

  • secretdeepi-love

    in finding fanny deepika