Who does Priyanka Chopra invite to her place?

Barfi! gal Priyanka Chopra is enjoying the attention she’s been getting for her latest album In my city featuring will.i.am. But who is the desi girl inviting to her city?

You know how we love to translate fun Hindi numbers into English, word-for-word. Once the job is done, we love seeing the essence of the original numbers getting lost in translation. But for a change, for the first time ever, we set our eyes…err…ears on Priyanka Chopra’s English album, In my city. This time around the conversion was exactly the opposite of what it usually is. So here’s the Hindi version of PeeCee’s sensational track for you, our readers. Take a look and feel free to giggle!


I know you got your own town

I know you got your own ways

I know you got your own life

I’m just sayin’ come on down to my place


Mujhe pata hain aapke paas hain aapka nagar

Mujhe pata hain aapke paas hain aapke khudke raaste

Mujhe Pata hain aapke paas hain aapki zindagi

Main sirf yeh bol rahi hoon aaiye upar niche mere ghar pe


Come on make some new friends

And tell me what you drinkin’

I know there’s no place like home

But I know you gonna like it in my city


Aaiyi upar banaiye kuch naye dost

Aur bataiye mujhe aap kya pee rahein hain

Par mujhe pata hain koi aisi jagah nahi ghar jaisi

Lekin mujhe pata hain aapko achcha lagega mera shehar


Everybody’s welcome here

Everybody welcome to my city

We ain’t got no worries here

I know you’re gonna like it in my city

You know you got a friend in me

You ain’t gonna wanna leave

Co-co-co-co-come on, co-co-co-come on

You ain’t never had a party

Till you come to party in my city


Sabka yahan swagat hain

Sabka swagat hain mere shehar main

Humein koi nahi pareshani yahan pe

Mujhe pata hain aapko pasand ayega mera shehar

Aapako pata hain aapko dost mila muh mein

Aapko nahi chaiye jaana chaiye chorrke

aa-aa-aaa—aao upar, aa-aa-aa-aao upar

Aapne nahi ki kabh bhi party

Jab tak aap aate jashn pe mere shehar mein