Who does Shahrukh Khan want a hug from – Priyanka Chopra or Deepika Padukone?

King Khan has been in high spirits since Chennai Express made it big at the box office. But right now all he wants is some tender loving care…

Shahrukh super-energetic Khan has his bad days like any one of us, when he needs a warm bear hug. So will it be his current favourite co-star Deepika Padukone or Don’s jungli billi who arms will get SRK back into top form? We aren’t sure about that, but the Baadshah Khan certainly needs a little TLC. And the superstar took to Twitter to tell us why: “Awful cold sniff sniff! And colder and sniffer still…the drive bak after dropping my son. Nasrun Minal Lahe Wah Fatahun Kareeb. Need a hug. Awful cold…eyes and head heavy. World moving in slow speed across time just for the sake of passing. Spinoza like state of mind…cloggy.”

Aww…. we really feel sorry for the lively superstar. Now we aren’t sure if any of his co-stars are available to do the needful, but we’re certain daughter Suhana will have a surefire cuddle cure for her daddy’s cold. And if that doesn’t work and the doctor says it will take a week any which way, we will always oblige, providing hugs and more. Wink, wink!