Who does Vishal Bhardwaj copy?

The filmmaker-composer made a confession at the launch of his album Barse Barse

Best known for adapting Shakespeare’s plays into films, Vishal Bhardwaj confessed that during his college days he used to copy the singing style of Suresh Wadkar.The music launch of Vishal’s non-film album turned into an emotional event, where singer Suresh and writer-director Gulzar shared anecdotes of their collaborative journey that has spanned more than two decades. Bhardwaj said that he owed his film career to Wadkar, as he was the one who introduced him to his mentor, Gulzar. And it turned out to be a mutual admiration thing going on, when Suresh expressed his gratitude to Bhardwaj, saying that Vishal was the only composer who still continues to use his (Suresh’s) singing talent in his films, while others have moved on to younger musicians. Gulzar, who has seen both men grow as creative people, expressed his pride in his protégé Vishal and said that not only was he one of the finest composers in recent times, but his films were landmarks in Indian cinema. Gulzar also said in a lighter vein that if Lata Mangeshkar had been born as a man, her voice would be that of Wadkar. The singer hinted that the event was turning into a mutual appreciation marathon, but then he is so rarely heard or even seen, apart from his songs for Vishal, that it was a pleasure to listen to him. The music album is a compilation of five songs and wethinks it is a treat for the ears, especially now, when the rain is coming down, barse barse.