Who gifted Priyanka Chopra a Rolls Royce?

The Barfi! babe is doing exceptionally well in her acting and music career. So does she need anyone to gift her anything? Nah…so from where did the luxury car come?

Priyanka Chopra is apparently the first B-town beauty to own a Rolls Royce. One more achievement under her kitty, hai na? And the credit for this goes to nobody but the dusky beauty herself. Yes, the Gunday actor has bought the car for Rs 2 crore, we hear. That’s not all! PeeCee wants to customise her expensive baby according to her taste and hence will be shelling out more money to make the changes. Reportedly, the actor-singer was supposed to get her car this month but since it is being customised, the talented lass will only be able to travel in her super expensive car by February.

Our khufiya khabroo says, “The price of Rolls-Royce starts from more than Rs 2 crore and Priyanka is personally taking keen interest in the customisation of her fancy car and even if it is taking time, she is ensuring that she gets it in the way she wants.” This means Ms Chopra must have paid more than what is being said. Well, good things always come with a price tag and wethinks PC knows it.

While we are happy for the Mary Kom actor, we wonder what changes will be done in her car. Maybe a portable recording studio so she doesn’t have to waste time travelling…giggle. After all, nothing is impossible of course with money.