Who is Arjun Kapoor’s new best friend?

Arjun Kapoor will be seen playing the role of a rustic guy from Uttar Pradesh in Ishaqzaade, and we hear that the person who worked on Arjun’s body language in the movie became his best friend during the shoot

When we heard that a guy named Avneesh Yadav is claiming to be Arjun Kapoor’s best friend, we thought he’s probably some attention seeker, trying to be in the limelight by using a star’s name. But recent news suggests that whatever he was saying is true. Avneesh is a taxi driver by profession and he bumped into Arjun at  Lucknow airport. And it seems the two hit it off straight away after Arjun requested Avneesh to show him around Lucknow.

Just when we thought this was some corny story cooked up to promote Ishaqzaade, the next thing we hear is that Avneesh has a significant role in the film.

A spokesperson from Yash Raj has confirmed the story and Mr Yadav it seems, is in seventh heaven right now. Along with being Arjun’s body language trainer, Yadav also has a role to his credit and we are sure he couldn’t ask for more. Now dear friends, that’s what we call an incredible stroke of luck!