Who is bugging Priyanka Chopra?

Well, it’s not an actor, director or the paparazzi that’s getting PC all hot and bothered, but an actual bug. Yes, we hear the Exotic babe couldn’t take it when an insect bit her in Manali during the Mary Kom shoot

We have heard stories about Bollywood actors throwing starry tantrums on the sets, but Priyanka Chopra seems to have redefined the whole definition of a snit fit. Recently the actor-singer was in Manali shooting for the much-lauded Mary Kom biopic. Apparently the dusky beauty noticed a rash on her skin and went berserk. So much so that she decided not to shoot at that location at all. Yes, the Krrish 3 actor was bitten by a bug after which she got a bad reaction and decided to call off any more work in the hilly locale.

Reportedly, Ms Chopra was so paranoid and bugged – ha ha! – that the makers of the film were forced to wrap up the shoot in Manali and move the whole unit back to Mumbai, where an altogether new set was built at Filmistan studios. We hear that debutant director Omung Kumar tried to pacify PeeCee, but the actor put her foot down and refused to continue work, hence the whole shift in location back to a presumably less buggy environment.

It seems that Priyanka has been travelling abroad way too much and has forgotten that we have some pretty exotic species of insect – human and animal – in our own country. That’s why wethinks she couldn’t bear a little bug bite, no? And then the thought struck – isn’t she essaying the role of Mary Kom onscreen, the lady who went through so many trials and tribulations before becoming a world boxing champion? If PC is training so hard for the film, a bug bite or a rash shouldn’t be a big deal. What’s the point in playing such a strong character, if in real life a wee insect can scare the hell out of you, missy!