Who is paying for Ameesha Patel’s fancy hoardings?

The busty actor almost got caught in the web of tall tales she spun in a recent interview

Of late we have seen a lot of billboards all over the city showing the almost-out-of-work actor Ameesha Patel posing in sexy swimwear in ads for a yet unseen pair of sunglasses. But when quizzed about this in a recent interview, Ameesha was almost out of words. She began by rambling about exploring “unexploited territory” by promoting a sunglasses brand. She went on to say that the sunglasses were being sold already, but only in a few exclusive stores. Well, that’s a bit weird, since in the same interview Ameesha said that the glares were actually for school and college kids. Er…which school and college kids shop for sunglasses only in very exclusive stores?

Further, when quizzed about whether it was a certain rather controversial builder in Pune who was lavishing Ameesha with free publicity by buying up billboards with her ads across the city, she flipped out a bit and said, “That friend in Pune is dead. She was my granny” (What!) And on being asked about her business partner Kunal Goomer, Ameesha chose to completely ignore the question. When quizzed a second time, Ameesha turned the question back to the interviewer and asked, “Only because we are two good-looking people?”

Well, to answer your question – no darling Ameesha, that is not why folks are asking! They wanna know ‘coz he’s a married man, but is seen more with you than with his wife. So is there a story in that, Miss Patel? Do tell!