Who is Poonam Pandey kissing in this MMS clip?

Just before the release of her erotic movie Nasha, we stumbled upon this video showing Poonam making love with an unknown guy. Is this a well-choreographed publicity stunt?

Poonam Pandey is a clever girl. The sexy siren knows how to hog the limelight by creating sensational news. Right from posting her semi nude pictures on social networking sites to threatening to go full Monty if her favourite cricket team wins, the Pandey babe has tried every trick to stay in the media glare.And now it seems she has even timed the leakage of her recent MMS clip very astutely, just before the release of her forthcoming erotic drama, Nasha.

In this one-minute video we see Poonam tossing and turning in bed with an unknown guy in a dimly lit room. We see the two making passionate love, kissing each other and doing nothing new from what was regular in C-grade seedy movies of the 90s.

Touted as an MMS, this video is actually a scene from one of Poonam’s movies. Is it from Nasha? We are not sure. Take a look at this raunchy video and tell us why Poonam can’t keep her titillating acts a bit classy, if not aesthetically appealing?