Who is Priyanka Chopra’s superhero?

And no, we aren’t talking about a certain Ra.One here

We recently overheard Priyanka Chopra going gaga over THE man of her life. Any guesses who we are talking about? Her dad – Ashok Chopra! Yup, Pee Cee candidly confessed that she is Daddy’s li’l girl (as her tattoo declares) and he is her superhero. Awwww! How chweet, no?

And apni jungli billi adores her Papa so much that she even wants to marry a man who is a chhavi of her Dad. “It doesn’t matter which profession or place he belongs to, but he should be someone whom I respect tremendously, he should be an achiever with family values and he should have a sense of humour, be intelligent and be the life of the party,” Piggy Chops said in an interview, hinting at the character of darling Dad.

What’s more, Papa’s pet girl is now trying hard to arrange a Barfi! screening for her father. Priyanka’s dad is moved by his daughter’s latest onscreen avatar and is very keen to see the film. And Pee Cee wants to make him happy by fulfilling his wish. She is in talks with UTV Motion Pictures, the producers, to arrange a special screening for him at the earliest,” a birdie revealed.

Really Priyanka, we’re touched by your affection towards Papa dearest. And we hope that Mr Chopra gets well really soon. Fingers crossed!