Who is the latest victim of Ekta Kapoor’s rage?

The soap opera queen is known for her short temper and mercurial nature. And this time it was her assistant director who had to bear the brunt of her blistering behaviour

Apart from her weight, the one thing Ekta Kapoor really needs to watch is her uncontrollable tongue and hurtful actions. She recently threw her subordinate’s laptop out of the window ‘coz he made the unforgivable mistake of presenting a sky-high budget for Once Upon A Time In Mumbai. Just furious at the thought of having to spend a huge amount of moolah, Ms Kapoor gave the poor slave ( yes, that’s what she considers everyone in her staff, we hear) a withering look, made a sweep of disapproval with her cellulite-laden arms and ruthlessly vented her frustration on the unfortunate machine.

How we wish Rajinikanth-inspired stunts could come true in real life as well – imagine how amazing it would have had been if the laptop had bounced off the window and the wall and had crashed straight on Ekta’s head! But we guess, just like Ms TV Czarina’s angelic side, our flights of fancy have absolutely no chances of seeing the light of the day.

Meanwhile, as we rack our brains a li’l more, it suddenly dawned on us that this piece of hogwash might also be a promotional tactic to create noise about Once Upon A Time In Mumbai. But even if it is, there’s no denying that the industry is not oblivious to the way Ekta treats her staff and the way her followers crouch down in front of her every time she throws a crazy fit…disgusting, we say!