Who is Vidya Balan’s husband?

Sujoy Ghosh is being very secretive about the actor playing Arnab Bagchi in Kahaani. Can you tell us who he is?

While all of us know that Vidya Balan is the female lead in Kahaani, there’s one thing that’s bugging us: who is the actor playing her husband? Kahaani is the story of a pregnant Vidya (Balan) who comes to Kolkata in search of her husband Arnab Bagchi during the Durga Puja festival. She gets in touch with all the people he had mentioned but none of them seem to have ever met him. Even the cops are unable to locate him. All Vidya has is a sketch of this Mr Bagchi.

Sujoy Ghosh, who has directed Kahaani, is being very secretive about the identity of the actor playing Vidya’s husband in the film. There is speculation that he is either a Bengali film actor, or a Bollywood actor – like Abhishek Bachchan – who can successfully pretend to be a Bengali. But Sujoy refuses to confirm or deny any of the rumours. Thanks to that, another section of fans is now contemplating whether there is any Arnab Bagchi at all. One of the buzzes doing the rounds is that Balan’s character Vidya is a schizophrenic with an imaginary husband. If that’s the case, then why is Sujoy leading us on a wild goose chase? Like Vidya, all we have is a sketch, but we are not sure whom it resembles. Do you have any ideas?

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