Who shut Rakhi Sawant’s motormouth on Comedy Circus Ke Mahabali?

While this bombshell is known to be a blabber mouth, for a change, Rakhi was left speechless on the sets of the comedy reality show

Rakhi Sawant was astounded when she learnt that her idol and iconic dancing diva Helen would be part of the first episode of Comedy Circus Ke Mahabali. We hear Ms Sawant’s was spellbound after hearing this news. Our khabroo says, “It was an implausible moment for her when she came face-to-face with none other than her idol, the dancing diva, Helen.”

In fact, Rakhi took everyone by surprise when she went on her knees and touched Helen’s feet. The nautanki babe even said that she has been idolising Helen since she was a kid. But when Rakhi is around, one can always expect some more drama and dhansu dialogues right? Well, she didn’t disappoint this time around as well. The controversy’s favourite child confidently said, “Woh us zamane ki Helen thi, main is zamane ki Helen aur baaki sab sirf belan!!” Now that’s the bindass Rakhi Sawant everyone likes, wethinks!

With such hilarious anecdotes, we can’t wait to watch the show!