Who was mean and nasty to Priyanka Chopra?

The Gunday star is upset over an issue we have no inkling about. But we don’t like our darling stars to be upset and sulking. What happened Priyanka?

Priyanka Chopra is a self-made star. She exudes tremendous confidence and amazing energy wherever she goes. But the 32-year-old is upset over something and her Twitter page clearly suggests that in no uncertain way. “I was reading some tweets and articles and peoples comments..Anonymous people with no idea of people’s lives but yet being so nasty and mean,” Tweeted PeeCee , after encountering some unsavory comment on her microblogging page, we assume.

She did not stop there, a couple of more tweets rolled in that went on two show that Piggy Chops did not like people being venomous with their words. “Simply block/report those people who tweet anything negative to you. Don’t let the hate reach you. Anyway. Had a moment of feeling sad for what the world is turning into. let people live their lives guys.and smile a lil.dont hate so much.” Tweeted the dusky beauty.

Priyanka also expressed concerns being on social media. Perhaps some people are taking her warmth and positivism for granted. “It amazes me how vulnerable people are on social media now. when I joined it I always told my peers it was such a great way of spreading luv,” opined Miss Chopra on Twitter.

Can anyone help us understand why our darling babe is so upset? We will inquire about this episode when we bump into the actor next, for sure!

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