Posted Tue, December 31, 2013 1:30pm IST

The Mary Kom star was on vacation in the Caribbean recently, but who did she have for company?

Priyanka Chopra took off to the Caribbean recently for a much needed holiday. But with whom, you ask?

Now before you start making up thrillingly X-rated stories in your head, let us make it clear that PeeCee was holidaying with her brother Siddharth and her various cousins. It was a family vacation and she really needed it after the year she had, wethinks.

The Exotic babe posted pictures of her playing on the beach with her family and by the looks of it, she had a gala time with her loved ones so closely around her. Priyanka‘s happy mood makes it obvious that she didn’t want her vacation to end, but blame it on work – she had to return to this country to perform in Chennai today on New Year’s Eve.

It was a much deserved break for Priyanka with her nearest and dearest, hai na? Who else did you think she would be with? Wink wink!